Sunday, 28 October 2012

Church of Scientology Launches High Court Battle to Hold Marriages in Corporations Headquarters

Meet Peter Hodkin, Louisa's Father:

With the kind permission of Samantha Domingo.

The above letter was sent to a friend of mine, who wishes to remain anonymous.It is a bit difficult to read, so here is the letter contents.

Dear Madam,

Re Anonymous

We are instructed by volunteers working at the Church of scientology.

As you may be aware, our clients are currently the target of a campaign of harassment by a group organised on the internet calling themselves "Anonymous". In the past two years our clients have been subjected to hundreds of abusive, threatening and nuisance telephone calls,thousands of abusive and hoax e-mails and letters, and several menacing gatherings of masked individuals outside of their church. Some of these individuals have committed aggravated trespass. A number of our clients have also had their privacy violated by their pictures being posted on the internet and youtube.

If you are involved in any of the unlawful aspects of this campaign we require that you desist immediately. We reserve our clients rights generally.

Yours Faithfully

Peter Hodkin

This peaceful, Anonymous protester was followed home, as were many Anonymous protesters, their details noted and letters similar to the above sent to them.Also of note, she received the above letter after advertising the BBC Panorama program that Mike Rinder appeared in on Scientology

This was, oddly enough, welcome proof that the people who had been following and filming us in the States were indeed working for the Church of Scientology. As Mike Rinder had said, I was not being paranoid - I was being followed. 

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