Saturday, 20 October 2012

Amazing friends!

Amazing Friends!

I was contacted a few days by one John McGhee whom said he would be paying me a visit,It was a pity I couldn't attend this event. You are damned right it was, i did everything I could to attend, but unfortunately the dates got changed. I explained I was working flat out and I wondered in one short weekend how on earth they would fit this in.

But fit it in they did. WOW! John McGhee, Pete Griffith and Samantha Domingo came to visit me at work and because of work I couldn't give them much of my time, all three of you, you have NO idea how much this meant to me.

As I am writing, I am listening to the whole Ustream and I am seriously wondering what this Vicky woman is talking about.She is a free woman? Really? And then Terril speaks and I am loosing the plot.This woman can leave her body at will. 15 people out of 8 million can, this is Terril talking, can roll pencils across the table without touching the pencil. Are you kidding me? This is fucking NUTS!

And then Vicky is saying Children can go exterior naturally. Dear GOD, let me get off this Planet!

And I have had to flip quickly over to watch the Ustream opposed to listening to it, and what do I see, my friend Peter's facial expressions are brilliant.he told me YOU would not believe it, You are So right! I DO NOT !

Samantha Domingo gained my respect when she said the most important thing above Scientology was her children. THAT IS AS IT SHOULD BE! Sadly that is more often not the case.

I missed the last bit by Vicky, because it was muffled, but I DID get the expressions on Peter's and John's faces.That said it ALL for me.

Help them with WHAT Vicky?

Do you know what, I have had enough, get on with the show!

Another hour will be enough!

Scvientology abuses CHILDREN every SINGLE DAY, in the corporation and also OUT of IT!

And the Same goes for you Sam. There IS nothing GOOD in Scientology for Children, NOTHING! The sooner you get this, the better. THIS IS L. RON HUBBARD, 100%.

Listen to yourself Sam, LISTEN! I cannot listen to this any more. Tonight, YOU SAM, asked me "did I make you hopping mad?" I couldn't answer because I had not heard this. YOU are making me hopping mad, right now. I am listening to this and I AM HOPPING MAD! PERIOD!

I am very sad , right now.


He IS such a GOOD man, IF I was you, I would get your head together and see him for what HE IS!

Terril, YOU should be committed! End of!

I have had enough!

So, we have to accept that David Miscavige beat people, and Debbie Cook stood in a dustbin with the placard 'LESBO' around her neck, but many testimonies about L. Ron Hubbard ordering children locked up in chain lockers,a man had to push a peanut around the decks of the Apollo, people were locked up, and overboarding on a daily basis happened on the Apollo, witnessed by many people, including "WOGS" IS TOTALLY DISCARDED!

Earlier on this year, I met up with Bonnie Woods and one of the things we discussed was how Stephen Jones could or would be influenced by the INDIES, I have just watched this happen. How SAD, am I? VERY SAD! I had high hopes for YOU, Stephen, I personally am so disappointed.

Martin, do what the hell you like, but DO NOT HURT CHILDREN, and SCIENTOLOGY DOES HURT CHILDREN, IT IS WRITTEN IN THE SCRIPTURES OF L. RON HUBBARD.I know, because I was one of the children that was severely abused MENTALLY by L. Ron Hubbard.

I got a tip tonight, it was the best tip I ever got. It was a badge and on it it said I Love SPs.
I DO! And the more SP they are, the better I LOVE them!

John McGhee, YOU are f*cking AWESOME! YOU are a STAR!

So, are YOU Peter!

Love YOU both!

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