Thursday, 14 June 2012

"Too Gruesome"

More inspired by VaD's comment than Jeff's post: but Jeff's post does say it all.

Great, Jeff!
Now we are talking! Finally we are to the inner layer and the core of the Scientological Onion:
I’m very glad that we’ve taken it up. It’s worth it.
DM is bad guy, but he’s following “succesful actions” of LRH and creating on them, too.
Just yesterday I re-read this on ESMB:
“Hubbard was a bad guy too. In fact, he wrote the manual on Scientology behavior.

Aaron Saxton wrote it out clearly:
RPF created by DM? No, LRH
Diet of Beans and Rice – LRH
Fair Game – LRH
Beaching – LRH
Overboarding – LRH
Destruction of enemies at all cost – LRH
Not allowing SO members to marry who they want, making them only marry SO members? – LRH
Throwing children in the Bilge pumps on the ship? – LRH personally
Who said we are taken to Venus and other planets for the last 20,000 years and implanted by aliens with Fac One? – LRH
Who recorded the incident ont he whoeltrack going back 74 Qudtrillion years or so down to the last minute? – LRH
Who claimed to remember millions of lifetimes and could not recall one piece of technology or language? – LRH
The total garbage in the “All About Radiation” book? – LRH
Separating Morals from Ethics – giving the biggest MU to Scientologists that allows them to have no humanity in decision making – LRH
Operation Snowhite – LRH
The total BS “Mission into Time” – LRH
Abandonment of his own children – LRH
Abandonment of his wife – LRH
Treating kids as Adults and mkaing them responsible for the universe – CMO – LRH
Disconnection – LRH
Elimination of SPs from the population – LRH
Who died with hundreds that he had ever worked for him bar a few declared, yet he knew how to spot them apparently???? – LRH
Who said he created a clear and never did? – LRH
Who said he was an OT but actually wasn’t? – LRH
Who said OT powers had been realised and no one has ever displayed them? – LRH
Who created DM? – LRH
Who created the Sea Org? – LRH
Who created the GO? – LRH
Who authorized the series “Infiltration of the enemy network”? – LRH
Who created rollback? – LRH
Who reported people to the police to be arrested for being communists when they were just critics? – LRH
Who told us governments were evil? – LRH
Who lied and told us that OT III would kill you if not prepared? – LRH
Who increased the prices of Scn? – LRH
Who said Jesus was below OT One? – LRH
Who said Yoga ism and other religions were IMPLANTS, then started his own religion? – LRH
Who started a religion because the AMA demanded SCIENTIFIC proof of Dianetics to avoid proving anything? – LRH
Who lied about his military service? Not DM, LRH did!
Who said Scientologists were the most ethical group? – LRH
Who presented the Axioms and Maxims as FACT when they are easily, with scientific evaluation disproved? – LRH
Who ran the SO during which period more atrocities were committed than when under DM? – LRH
Who ran the SO for the first decade and then some? – LRH
Who ran Scientology into the ground and had to run off on a boat? – LRH
Who first awarded SO missionaries with a NAVAL DIRK (Weapon) for power missions? – LRH
Who made the policy that RPFing one FB staff member a week was good for morale? – LRH
Who made the policy on Children (Messengers) having the power to RPF anyone at anytime without Comm Ev? – LRH
Who told the first SO members they had to be trained in weapons and judo? – LRH
Who said they had done extensive research yet there is not one paper of his research ever released? – LRH”
Do we have anything to add here?”
Time to cut the crap, isn’t it? ;)

L. Ron Hubbard's Dystopia on Earth:

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