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Charles Manson - Scientologist?

An interesting article from the Sun newspaper in England about Charles Manson.Manson was said to have dabbled in Scientology in the 60s and then set about becoming a cult leader himself.


Scientologist DOREEN GAUL, 19, was stabbed to death in LA in November 1969 along with 15-year-old JAMES SHARP. Doreen’s family have always suspected Manson may be responsible and both cases remain unsolved. A relative of Doreen’s, who asked not to be named, said: “It is thought Manson may be responsible for many more murders and Doreen knew two members of the ‘family’. We would love to know who killed Doreen, to sit across from whoever is guilty and ask them why they did it.

“She was a wonderful person and missed to this day. If there was evidence on these tape recordings that helped solve the case it would be good for everyone.” Another potential victim is JOHN HAUGHT who died from a gunshot wound to the head on November 5 1969 while living with members of the Manson Family. His housemates said it was self-inflicted and that he died playing Russian Roulette, but many believe the 22-year-old was another victim of the cult.

Paulette Cooper on Manson:
One famous, in fact infamous person interested in Scientology that they do not boast about, talk about, or probably even want is Charles Manson, the convicted murderer of Sharon Tate and her friends. The New York Times stated that Manson first got interested in Scientology while he was incarcerated in the McNeil Island Penitentiary in Washington (Scientology has programs for prisons).

After his release, The Times reported, he went to Los Angeles where he was said to have met local Scientologists and attended several parties for movie stars, possibly the July 18 dedication of the celebrity center.{19} Scientology literature was also said to be found at the ranch when Manson and his family were captured.{20} But for reasons unknown, it is claimed that Manson may have been made a "suppressive person" by the Scientologists, and there have also been hints that he may have joined the Process, the sex and satan group which originally broke away from Scientology.{21}

Another bit of publicity that the Scientologists are probably not too pleased with concerns the murder of three people in Los Angeles.{22} Two were Scientologists. According to The New York Post, all three were brutally beaten, ritualistically stabbed, had their right eyes cut out, and were dumped 100 yards from a Scientology commune. One of the girls, Miss Doreen Gaul, nineteen, who came from New York to study Scientology, was naked except for a strand of Indian beads. The boy, James Sharpe was fifteen years old. The third was unidentified. Doreen Gaul's father allegedly told a New York Post reporter that she had lately become disenchanted with Scientology. [...]


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And just so we have all sides, lets look at another view:


Lies Debunked:

The prosecutor states that he doesn't have evidence. He isn't saying that Manson wasn't a Scientologist at the time, only that the State prosecution lacked evidence to prove it. Discussions with Manson after he was imprisoned for the murders yielded the fact that Charles manson was a Scientologist, having attained "Clear" while he was locked up.

Now obviously the fact that Charles Manson was a Scientologist would be embarrassing and something that the Scientology organization would not want people to know about. Any real religion would have ejected Manson and publically admitted that he was once a follower. Scientology, on the other hand, together with their "Volunteer Ministers," have made lying a religious sacrament. 


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