Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Help for Narconon victims.

I received an email yesterday about getting help for Narconon victims, so as I only had time to send a couple of web pages I thought I would do a post about it.

At this moment in time, David Love has to be the most kick ass person going after Narconon and as he's seen both sides of the coin, he's a minefield of information.


Stop Narconon was the first website on Narconon I was introduced to:


Reaching for the Tipping Point has almost daily information about a Narconon somewhere around the world.


Scientologists behaving like complete jerks because Intimidation and harassment is their trademark.

Narconon Exposed:

Personally I think the best thing you can do is find your loved one a real drug rehab clinic, get them out of Narconon and then report them to the authorities.

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