Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Ritual Child Abuse in Scientology

A visit to Clearwater:
There's a school called "A to Be" which is apparently run for children of Sea Org personnel; we passed by it on our way to lunch. Many of the children wore ill-fitting clothes, some of them had obviously home-done haircuts, and not one of them was smiling or laughing. They were preternaturally silent, unlike any group of children I've ever seen on a school playground.

On another day, Aileen called me into her office and said, "I want you to go help out at the nursery. They are short staffed."

I followed her directions as I walked the twenty or so blocks to a small windowless building on Franklin Street. So this is where they keep the children, I thought to myself, suddenly realizing that I had seen no young children in the weeks I had been in Scientology, even though I knew many of the staff were married. As I passed the fenced back yard, I saw a dozen toddlers wandering around in the dirt, clothed only in diapers.

There was no grass in the yard, just several large trees surrounded by dirt. The children had no toys, and were playing with each other or using their hands to draw pictures in the dirt.

I went to the door on the far side of the building on which was a small blue and white sign printed "Cadet Org, Church of Scientology."

I was let in the building, and as I looked around I was greeted by a dismal sight. The walls of the rooms and the hallway surrounding me were painted stark white. The floors were a dull grey and dirty linoleum. There were no pictures on the walls, no decorations of any kind. Wandering in the hallways and in the two rooms I could see several dozen children dressed only in diapers and t-shirts. Most looked as if they had not been bathed recently.

Several carried bottles, but most were just wandering in the hallway or sleeping on the bare floor. The rooms were bare of furniture and there were no toys, books, or any of the normal and familiar signs of childhood. I could smell urine in the room, and I heard many small voices crying plaintively. A young girl in a Sea Org uniform came up to me and greeted me. She was one of two staff members in charge of all these children.

"Where do you keep their toys and books?" I asked the young girl, whose name was Colleen.

"They don't have any," she answered in an expressionless voice. "Children are down statistics, and you don't reward down statistics. That's in the tech."

"But what do they do all day?" I asked her noticing that many of the children had a forlorn look about them. I had a sudden instinct to grab as many children as I could and run out the door.

"We just watch them. They play in the back yard. If their parents' stats (statistics) are up, they can come and see their children for a hour or so after dinner."

"Do they sleep here?" I asked her.

"Yes, most of them do." She showed me a room further down the hallway. In the room were rows of cribs, side by side, about a dozen in all in the small room. "Some of the Sea Org children stay here, and some are sent to a ranch in Mexico if their parents are going to be on a mission for a long time," she explained.

"But don't the parents miss their children?" I asked.

"Remember," she told me severely, "children are part of the second dynamic. The third dynamic (the group) is more important than the second dynamic. The rule in Scientology is `the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics.' Our main purpose in Scientology is to clear the planet. Don't ever forget that. Until the children can begin to work for the group, they are downstats, and they can't be rewarded. Besides, Hubbard says that children are just thetans in small bodies. They are just as responsible as adults. We have to get their ethics in. So we don't reward them until they can produce."

While in the EPF I never heard from my parents, no phone calls or letters. Aboard the ship, I received a telex informing me that my father had been declared an SP (Suppressive Person). They said he was a spy within Scientology. I began crying and asked to leave, telling them I could convince my father to return to Scientology... but they would not permit me to leave. I was told to disconnect from my parents because they were SPs.

Disconnection meant no more communication with my parents. They told me my parents would not make it in the world, but that I would make it in the world.... (5)

Tonja finally escaped from Scientology by stealing keys from a sleeping guard and crawling through an air duct to freedom.

The findings continue, "it was found that the CEO also had a large number of DBs [degraded beings], criminals and perverts posted to it. Some of these would slap the Cadets around and treat them like 'kids'...Some parents have even routed out of [left] the SO and left their kids behind!...On the other side of the coin the SO has continued to neglect their hat with respect to Cadets as shown by the fact that they [the PAC area orgs] have continually put their unwanted or reject staff into the CEO and have done nothing effective to handle the degraded conditions that the Cadet Org and CEO...fell into. The GO recently had to bypass to get the place adequately cleaned up to pass an official inspection and avert a legal flap."

And here in England's green and pleasant land:

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