Tuesday, 26 June 2012

More Footage of OSA at a Memorial.

At a Memorial for those who died at Narconon Arrowhead, Scientology's department for the Office of Special Affairs, previously the Guardians Office send out a woman to photograph those in attendance.Two of those in attendance were the grieving parents of Gabrielle Graves. The other two deaths were those of Kaysie Werninck and Hillary Holten. This is about as low as you can stoop OSA. L. Ron Hubbard used to photograph people being thrown off of the side of his ship, no doubt where the practise originated.



Damage Control from Narconon Arrowhead after the Memorial Protest:

While the residential facility at Narconon is not a hospital or a medical care facility for those with serious physical or psychiatric issues, it does provide necessary medical services and full supervision of clients. When each client enrolls on the Narconon program they undergo a full medical assessment by a doctor and it is determined if the facility can handle their medical needs while in treatment. Those with major medical issues are sent to other facilities that provide a higher level of care but some standard medical conditions like Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and even Thyroid problems have been successfully addressed through the medical staff at Narconon. This can be done while clients undergo their drug or alcohol recovery programs.

Narconon Stonehawk from 2007: Listen to the Radio program and read the comments



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