Thursday, 28 June 2012

For all you Will Smith Supporters:

Will and Jada Pinkett Smith  attend unveiling of Human Trafficking  report with Hilary Clinton, sounds like a good deed, doesn't it? Until you realize that they also support the teachings of L. Ron Hubbard in their fancy school for the rich and famous celebrity children. Do we really want a world full of famous celebrity children all promoting L. Ron Hubbard and his teachings, especially when the not so rich and famous children of Scientology are being trafficked for the celebrities gain. Will and Jada if your gonna go gung-ho about something study your subject first, get the facts, not what Tom Cruise had drip fed you.

I'm glib on OCMB has done a video on human trafficking Scientology style, you should watch it:

A very touching post in this thread on OCMB by Born to Shop: to read more...

IMO it shows what a scientoilogy world would be like if Hubbard and/or Miscavige was at the top and/or if Hubbard policies were followed.

I remember seeing the remants of the Berlin wall on a trip there with Ursula Caberta. It had quite an emotional impact on me as I told Ursula what Hubbard said about "isolating" those below 2.0 away from the rest of the society. Then Hubbard says that these people if not gotten back "up the tonescale" per scientology policy should be disposed of quietly without sorrow. My God!!!!!

In that same tape Hubbard says that orgs will become political centers and all policies of the world would be cancelled and replaced with scientology policies once scientology gets big enough (goodbye US Constitution for example and hello RPF, conditions, disconnection and such abuses on a worldwide and unchecked scale).

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