Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Paid OFF by the Scientology Corporation.

Well, it seems to have been a big shock to some that Scientology would lie, they have been doing it for 60 years, why change the habit of a life time.For one very brief moment in February I thought Debbie Cook might finally get her act together. It has come as NO surprise to me. I'd like to see ALL the other payoffs in print, they must be in their hundreds by now. I'm surprised Scientology has got any money left.But when you are a multi billion corporation that has ripped off thousands of people world wide, you can afford to laugh all the way to the bank, especially when you are covering up criminal activity.

That action led to a hearing on Feb. 9. Church attorneys called Cook as a witness, but that backfired when Cook's attorney was allowed to follow with questions of his own. The result: three hours of riveting testimony.

Cook described being physically abused by church staffers at Miscavige's direction and held against her will for seven weeks with other Sea Org officers in a locked and guarded building at the church's campus outside Los Angeles.

She said she also witnessed church staffers beat up and taunt their peers while demanding confessions of wrongdoing.

After the testimony, the church said Cook was "clearly bitter and falsely vilifying the religion she once was a part of.''

A second day of testimony was scheduled, but the church ended it soon after it started.

The public skirmish continued another month, with the church moving for a quick judgment in its favor and Cook's team responding with demands to depose church staff and gather other evidence.

The two parties then began lengthy settlement talks, reaching an agreement signed April 23. Cook and Baumgarten recommitted to nearly all the terms of their 2007 nondisclosure contracts. They can have no contact with current or former Scientologists or anyone else who has said or written or produced anything negative about the church or intends to.

Their business was "destroyed,'' their attorney Ray Jeffrey said. Many clients were Scientologists who severed ties.

Fighting off the church "wore them down,'' Donley said. "I really believed they had no idea, even after being on the inside, the church was going to come after them.''

The agreement says neither party took money from the other in ending the lawsuit. Not known is whether the two parties reached an undisclosed side agreement.

Donley asked if their move out of the country was a condition of the settlement.

"They looked me right in the eyes and said, 'We can't talk about that,' '' he said.

There's a lot that can't be talked about in Scientology and out, for that matter. Funny little thing to note, is how most of these people that can't talk seem to be very wealthy, even though they spent years in Scientology and lost everything.Oh, not quite everything,they still have a conscience, don't they?

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