Sunday, 3 June 2012

Grand Opening Orange County, Ideal Org.

06/02/12 - Protest at the Church of Scientology's Grand Opening of the Orange County Ideal Org in Santa Ana, CA; police attempt to enforce a small designated protest zone; police prevent Tory from crossing street; police Sgt. Esparaza meets with protesters & reverses earlier police actions ordering me to stay in a designated area.

06/02/12 - The protest at Scientology's Orange County Org in Santa Ana continues; cult dictator David Miscavige speaks.It was declared boring!

 06/02/12 - Protest concludes and protesters are followed back to their cars; I call out Scientology security guard Odo Huber who's following me & another anon. 


Scientology Grand Opening: Walls! Weirdos!Whacking a Weekly Reporter!

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