Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Today-Knowledge Report:Star Power:Mark Bunker

This little video by Mark Bunker is very interesting and telling.

I have had similar converstaions with Scientologists. They are not prepared to look outside of their 'religion'. They will tell you, you should be worried about anything but Scientology. They will divert you to the abuse in the Catholic church, the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, anywhere but their 'religion'.I agree that we all should be concerned about these wars and abuse in any church, which is why it is important to make known the abuse inside of the 'Church of Scientology', because they will not look or see or hear.

Some time ago now, I went shopping in my home town and came across the 'Jive Aces', nothing spectacular about that you may think, but I knew the name, because I got it from the internet. They had a small promotional stand with a woman dressed like a Russian, it being winter and cold. On the stand there were booklets  'Say No to drugs, say Yes to life'.What a worthy cause, you could be forgiven for thinking, only to the average eye, there was nothing there to tell you these people were scientologists.

I asked about the booklet saying "This is related to scientology isn't it", "No" the woman replied, "this is Narconon and we help people get off of drugs". "Are you a scientologist" I asked. "No" she said. To cut a long story short, after she realised she'd been rumbled, it turned out she had been a scientologist for 20 years. The booklet which she let me have has a passage inside it that tells of L. Ron Hubbard being a great humaniterian.

What I find interesting is that a number of scientologists will lie that they are scientologists. What is that all about? This isn't the first time this has happened and I dare say it won't be the last.

I had to dash off but told the woman I would be back shortly as I had not finished our conversation.When I returned a short while later, the woman, her stall and all scientology/ Narconon promo had vanished.

The Jive Aces a scientologist jazz band were packing up their gear. I approached one of them and asked what had happened to the woman. "Oh, has she gone?". Surprise. Surprise!

At least the member of the Jive Aces I spoke to admitted he was a scientologist. I also asked him if he knew that David Miscavige beat his staff and the response was exactly the same as Mark Bunker got,he doubted very much that that would be true.

I told him about my time on the ship with L. Ron Hubbard, he also doubted that that could be true.He was also a 20 year veteran of scientology as are all of the Jive Aces, doing promotional work in the name of L. Ron hubbard.

My parting response to him was "So, what is true for you, is true for you"

"Exactly" he replied, smiling.

The Jive Aces live at St. Hill Manor, East. Grinstead:
I can't get the link to come up, but if you google Jive Aces, there are three videos taken at St. Hill of the Jive Aces playing.

'When you're smilin'


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