Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Happy Days?

Well, I finally found the link I was looking for and it wasn't where I expected, but then when you are dealing with Scientology and Scientologists nothing ever makes sense.

This video is a great insight into how a scientologist thinks "the fleets in but it's not our navy". No, it is L. Ron Hubbard's navy and they are trying to "clear the planet".

"Clearing the Planet" and let us be "clear" it is not "Clear" as in I have been processed and now have total recall, it is "clear" as in I know what I am talking about.



Don't want to talk about the "chain lockers"?

Sorry folks, that's all we have time for!
What is this? Looney Tunes. Cartoons for kids?
Well, I want to talk about the "chain lockers"

I don't think any of you people (scientologists) understand at all.

I think YOU are so wrapped up in making money, that YOU do not realise the harm YOU do.

Have YOU any idea what it does/did to the children?

Thought NOT!

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