Monday, 23 May 2011

Still on the subject of the Freezone.

I find it very hard to back off of this subject, and I think it's because there are little groups all over the world feeding off of L. Ron Hubbard's words, using supposed standard tech the way L. Ron Hubbard wanted it used. Not only are they feeding off of L. Ron Hubbards works and writings, they are using it as an excuse to keep scientology working, just like LRH wanted.

What these people don't seem to comprehend is LRH was a man who abused people and he did so through his works and written word.

I personally find it very hard to forgive that some of these people have been out of the organization of Scientology ,some for years, and yet still continue to think that there is some substance in charging people vast amounts of money to live out a science fiction fantasy that actually harms people.

Let's look at Body Thetans.

This is a 55 page illustrated guide through auditing by L. Rick Vodicka. Whilst looking through this, it will make you laugh and it is is funny,but it is true, and that is not funny.

Don't be put off by his initial remarks, like I almost was, till I recognised his voice.

And in dedication to a group of old guard, whom have been picketing and protesting against Scientology for a long time now, we have 'The British Body Thetan Society Homepage '. My Love to you all.

Review had been going on for about three weeks now.
The E-meter is never wrong. It sees all. It knows all. It tells everything.

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