Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Scientology still Clearing the Planet........

Global Domination Plan:

When I was sailing the high seas with the sea org in 1967/69, unbeknownst to me there was a lady called Paulette Cooper who did not like what she was seeing with regards Scientology, I wish I had known about her then. Up until four years ago, I didn't know she existed and yet look what Scientology put her through for speaking out and daring to write a book about them.This lady deserves the utmost respect and love for the horrific way in which Scientology tried to destroy her and her triumph of coming out the other side. She was not even a scientologist.
Part 2;
Part 3;
Part 4;

If you never read about or watch any other video, watch these, for what this brave lady went through is what happened during the reign of L. Ron Hubbard and the Guardians Office.Although I never knew about her, I know from my time on the ship that this is what these people are/were capable of.

This last video Paulette talks about how scientology keeps talking about how they have changed,she didn't believe it and neither do I. There will never be a change in scientology as the policies and LRH's writings make it impossible for change. Scientology's need for public opinion to think it has changed and it's need for credibility will never happen, as they have never changed and they never will change. The only changes that may take place are those of becoming more and more covert in their operations as they desperately keep trying to 'clear the planet'.

They now have Nation of Islam people taking Scientology courses, they have the voice of Bart Simpson, and whilst that may not seem like some major threat to civilisation, I know different.For now, let's take Bart Simpson (Nancy Cartright), viewed worldwide by children and adults alike, my own children grew up on Bart Simpson, my Grand children also. I was a Commadores Messenger working directly under LRH in the 60s and I didn't see this invasion, probably because I had more pressing problems to deal with at the time, like enforced disconnection at the age of 12 years old. Liability in the hold at 11 years old, being threatened with being locked up in a mental institution at the age of 12 if I ever spoke out, and I never have till now.

How many children and families have been won over by Bart Simpson(Nancy Cartright)and "the way to happiness booklet" issued by "the way to happiness foundation" with just a small excerpt about it being written by the "great humaniterian L. Ron Hubbard" and unless you lived as a sea org member or scientologist or a kid that was brought up in this cult and never knew anything else, how would you know whether the "Way to Happiness" was bonafide or an attempt to recruit you into a cult?

As I have said before their tactics are increasingly more and more alarming and are aiming more and more into third world countries, with their volunteer ministers that resemble vultures in the bid for world dominance and clearing the planet. Here's what they did to Ursula Caberta when she went to America, this lady has helped a lot of scientologists escape, in particular children and this is the way scientologist greeted her in America.

This was only 11 years ago;

Read more about Ursula Caberta, this lady has fought hard to keep Scientology out of Germany and quite right too, as Scientology is all too reminiscent of Hitlers Germany.
Bad quality but well worth the watch, or reading, if you can't speak German.

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