Tuesday, 3 May 2011

The Sea Org continued............

John McMasters was an old aquaintance of mine from the ship, whilst I did not not even know what "gay" was back then, I had no idea John was.

I remember him as a sweet man and after being overboarded into the sea and breaking what I thought at the time was an arm, due to his arm being in a sling. He was on the deck whilst some of us were up on the deck, chatting and eating watermelon.

He was not a happy man, he tried to tell the people on deck that things were really wrong and we would all learn the hard way if we did nothing about it. Being only a child, I felt sorry for the man as no one acknowledged him.



I did not know what John was talking about at the time,but I did know there were things that were not right. One of those things was the overboarding of people on a daily basis, which we all had to endure.

People can make light of this, but it was another form of instilling FEAR, and it did so to many of us, none more so than myself. I could not swim and lived in constant FEAR of being thrown over the side of the ship.

The unstubstanciated stories of children in the chain locker, one of which I can attest to having seen with my own eyes, the other is substanciated by Hana Eltringham whom I will back to my dying day.

I can only speak for myself here, but one can and indeed should ask "why has this all taken so long to be talked about". My reply to that is "out of fear" and also out of being convinced when I read of MarySue Hubbard and 10 other scientologists of the Guardians Office being convicted of infiltrating governments world wide that justice would prevail and Scientology would disappear off of the face of the earth. How wrong could a terrified child be.






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