Thursday, 19 May 2011

Contraversy..... Weirder than weird.

I have a kinda strange feeling going on right now and it is weirda than weird. Ok....i have read extensively on scientology, both inside of the so called "church" and inside of the "freezone". I have my experience with LRH first hand as a child. I have absolutely NO qualms as to the extent of lies that were perpetuated by L. Ron Hubbard. I believe he was a conman, I believe he was a liar, I believe he was a man intent on bringing forth the biggest scam there ever was upon the face of the earth and I believe he did so to the fullest extent of his abilities and I believe he was very good at what he did, for if he had not have been, none of us would be here now today decrying what is the extent to what Scientology has put us all through in an attempt to justify their right to be a religion or philosophy that is deemed to be a mainstreem in an attempt to have a controlling factor in world wide events, by using  frontgroups of highly classed international aid to the welfare of ALL humaniterian society in their attempt to become a world wide renowned official  in events worldwide.

I personally believe Tom Cruise knows exactly what he is doing, as I believe so does David Miscavige. I believe the Freezone to be a front group for Scientology, and I believe this because these people whom condone this group have a vested interest in the words of L. Ron Hubbard and under NO circumstances are able to see anything beyond the words of L. Ron Hubbard.

Whilst there are people that believe in Squirrelling the "Tech", I believe this to be a fallacy. I think there is NO more Squirrelling of the "tech" than there is squirrelling of L. Ron Hubbards Words, Policies , Lectures, and obvious plain bullshit as written, spoken and directed by L. Ron Hubbard himself.

I think this is a money orientated enterprise, not only by the "church" of scientology but also by the totally deluded freezone who think they are carrying out LRHs works undiluted. If YOU want the undiluted "tech" then please LOOK at Hana Eltringham/ Whitfields videos. This is the Tech! This IS the crap that supposedly sets YOU free.

There IS NO freedom in BULLSHIT!!!!!!!

Which BULLSHIT do YOU want? LRH's bullshit? The freezone's bullshit? David Miscavige's bullshit? How much Bullshit are YOU going to accept as the way to total freedom?

I know I am being blunt, and I KNOW this may be  unacceptable in some circles as not being appropriate but when YOU have been through what I have, you get to the the point when actually, you don't give a shit what people think anymore.

The Freezone: People whom above ALL others are prepared to follow LRH's policies to the letter. In my opinion, these people are even worse than the very worst of Scientologists that are in the so called "church", why do I have this opinion? Because , regardless of money, they promote the party line as drawn out by L. Ron Hubbard. They totally believe him to be their saviour. Funnily enough, they do so with a discount. Funnily enough, they still charge a hell of a lot of money. They do so, with the firm belief that YOU still can follow the "bridge to total freedom" at a price, that enables them to make money out of this scam. It is no different to LRH's scam, they are just not as greedy, yet.

Bring down the fall of the "church" and the independants will take over.

The E-Meter IS a lie. I know, because as a 12 year old child, it could NOT detect that I lied about having BAD thoughts about L. Ron Hubbard or Mary Sue Hubbard or Scientology itself. I am not the only one to have detected that.

Ron's Org:
Same shit with a discount; it is still expensive shit...... who falls for this in this day and age?

The same people who are willing to watch media on Channel 4. Look at  Terril Park and watch the fact that he has a track record of not only admittedly being a scientologist but also of making a point of being a link between myself and a former LRH higher up. This link stems even further that that, as an e-mail I have, not only tells me I don't know what I am talking about, but also tells of the fact that this person can put me into contact with no other than Marty Rathbun himself. Why pray tell, would I want contact with Marty Rathbun?

The freezone price list:

                  Ron's Org Auditing Price List
            Ron's Org Auditing Services
              25 hours during one week - £1500 (£60 per hour, basic rate) If you set aside more time to do this consecutivley...
              50 hours during two weeks - £2550 (£51 per hour, 15% discount) 100 hours during four weeks - £4000 (£40 per hour, 33% discount)
              Upper Levels Review Auditing - £80 per hour Opening consultation - £50
          This is a scam, folks and will continue to be a scam as long as scientologists are operating. That IS NOT Operating Thetans. It IS Operating Scam artists, and don't ever forget it.

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