Friday, 6 May 2011

KSW - means Keeping Scientology Working.

Celebrity Tom Cruise Keeps Scientology Working, he has just recieved a humaniterian award for supporting The Simon Wiesenthal Center.

What does this mean in plain English, it means this long time supporter of Scientology and classed as second in command to David Miscavige, who is the leader of the Organization of Scientology has recieved a humaniterian award as a public relations stunt to forward the agenda of Scientology.

The forwarded agenda of Scientology is to make every man, woman and child on planet earth into a scientologist. To be a scientologist means giving over your entire life, thoughts,money and indeed eternity over to the mind control, brainwashing of L. Ron Hubbard and his devotees.

Whilst declaring a creed of a world without war, criminality and insanity, in Scientology's 60 years of existance it has managed to create a war between it's critics, criminality within it's organization and insanity in many of it's followers.

It uses it's celebrities and front groups to creep incessantly into the lives of everyday unsuspecting people by fraudulently pretending to be something it isn't.

One of the biggest tools in scientology and the players of the biggest games are it's celebrities and none more so than Mission Impossible star Tom Cruise:

Here is Tom Cruise  after recieving his humaniterian award for bringing the horrors of the holocaust to ALL us mere humonoids who are supposedly not aware of this atrocious genocide of the peoples of the world. Whilst Tom, is under the mind control of a serious deluded cult, that being the organized 'religious'doctrines of L. Ron Hubbard and devoted to the sadistic and 'religious' doctrines of David Miscavige it is befitting that he should not only hold a medal of valour for all he has done for promoting this cult but has also recieved a humaniterian award, just like his founder and 'religious' guru, L. Ron Hubbard, he can now proudly promote himself as a humaniterian.

It's about time Tom Cruise looked in his own back yard,over Scientology's 60 year history there has been and is still continuing to this day, unsurmountable abuse. My question Mr. Cruise is "When are you going to tell the world about this?"

My guess is never, just Keep Scientology Working,eh!

I have an honor I would like to bestow on Mr. Tom Cruise, celebrity extraordinaire, the Public Relations Officer of 'Keep Scientology Working'

It's called *The biggest crock of shit award*and it is an honour to present it to Tom Cruise.I hope one day, I can do it in person, that's if he can truly confront a Suppressive Person.

Tom Cruise on letterman: Mr Hollywood.

Tom Cruise on Psychiatry and as an authoritiy on chemical imbalance or the lack there of.

Tom, you don't know the history of Scientology, I do. You should be more responsible  and, because you communicate to people....... so what is the theory and science behind Scientology? And, shock, horror, shock horror, there's this: 

Humaniterian or glib scientologist? 

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