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Shackled by Faith

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To Whom It May Concern

To the best of my memory - I, Lorna Levett was a Scientologist from 1961 to
1974, from 1966 to 1974 full time, from 1968 to 1974 a franchise holder and
received rewards for being the top recruiter on the planet 1969 to 1970.
In late 1969/early 1970 I did the scientology secret police training ( the
people in the L.A. Public Relations and Guardian's Office were - Robert
Robertson, Bob Thomas, Artie Maren ( Authur ).

Then known as the assistant guardians course, during this time I was
instructed in reverse processing and coached in methods to confuse and
disperse a person's attention and "carrying them over the hills and far
away", (in other words, how to confuse and avoid the issue and avoid
answering questions that would expose scientology to unwanted scrutiny).
I was instructed in how to get access to library and research files in
newspapers, magazines, government and private organizations ( like better
business bureaus ) and how to "walk away with" the critical or "unofficial"
reports on scientology and how to replace these files with carefully
doctored files (these were news headlines that were prepared and presented
in such a way that even something that originally was critical and a
unfavourable exposure could be "changed" and re presented and printed up to
present a favourable pro report (in order to gain public acceptance and
remove any negative information - thus, clearing the mind (the files) of
the 3rd dynamic - the civilization), prepared by the public relations
department of the guardian's office.

The mind of a civilization is considered by the guardian's  office and
public relations to be its files and records - to erase  negative or bad
(for scientology) information is "clearing" the  3rd. Dynamic!

(1) Dave Dewhurst was a associate/student/client/PC/customer, of Graham
Leese. Dave was a PC of the scientology organization that Graham Leese had
established, that Graham had been "persuaded" into turning over to  the Sea
Org.  Dave had a ethics suppressive order on him at the time. Dave's body
was found on the grounds of Elsie Griffiths's  franchise - a apparent
suicide ( hose pipe connected to the exhaust  - his body was in the back
seat, he was not a PC of Elsie's  franchise - Graham Leese and Elsie
Griffiths had previously worked together before Graham opened his own

There was some research done regarding a law case scientology had  against
a Harry Rankin for criticizing scientology on radio on a  talk show) the
research indicated a insurance policy Dave dewhurst had made out to
scientology (his death occurred two weeks after the  expiry date). This
same research uncovered that the two people involved in Graham  Leese's hit
& run accident, both died in separate "accidents"  within a year.  Graham
Leese was an accountant and also part time  insurance sales.

(2) Graham Leese's young wife was terrified of scientology (she and Graham
had become emotionally involved on flag where Graham had been doing
advanced training (this came from same research) she was a scientologist
and estranged from scientology and they had a small child. Graham Leese -
longtime (oldtime) scientologist and his new wife had ethics trouble on
flag and difficulties on course where they became involved in 2D. On return
to Vancouver, his franchise was set up as a org.  Under Sea Org.  Pressure
- Graham was not happy with how scientology was being applied, he spoke to
me and sent me some advanced processes because he felt that I was applying
"true scientology to help others", a short time later, I heard that he was
in hospital and that the scientologists were trying to process him and had
constant contact with him. Later, I heard he died without regaining
consciousness, later, I heard that Graham was returning home from the "org"
about the usual time, about 11 a.m. and he was hit by two hit and runs.
Dave Dewhurst's " suicide" occurred after Graham's "accident".  Dave had
been close to Graham.(I later heard of the details when I was asked to be a
witness for the Rankin case, defence).

(3) Borge Jensen was close to Elsie Griffiths, the original franchise in
Vancouver. Around 1994 - after I had gone public and broken with
Scientologist borge jensen ( who I did not know at the time - came to
Calgary on order from scientology to infiltrate and report on what I was
doing and if possible get involved with me.  This did not work to well for
him and he returned to vancouver and was ordered to handle the situation.
He and a younger female scientologist stole Elsie's truck and came back to
Calgary to terminatedly handle me.  He was suppose to join the gun club
where I was taking training and arrange an accident.

(4) Elsie Griffiths, who I knew was now very upset with scientology, Borg
and the Sea Org.  For trying to take over her franchise, they confiscated
her books etc. , contacted me and told me what was going on re Borg and the
orders to terminate me.  Previously, Borg had been very protective of Elsie
and had helped her get out of a set up in L.A., but now she felt he was
being pressured to be a hit man, to knock me off at the gun club. Elsie
Griffiths's feeling her life was in danger, fled to her brother's place and
left no word or trace. Borg - by then, having failed a second time to carry
out Sea Org. Orders to deal with me returned to Vancouver and found Elsie
missing and her franchise over taken by the Sea Org. He panicked and phoned
me, really scared - said Elsie had disappeared - I told him he could not
help her and he had best look out for his own safety - I have never heard
of him since, nor seen his name in any lists of PCs or other mention.

(5) Buck Rapp, from my franchise, in 1970, went with Brendan Moore to join
the Sea Org. Brendan was stopped at the border and turned (another story).
Buck  Rapp joined the Sea Org., We never heard from him or of him.
In conversation, a girl who had been on "flag", the old Appolo, told Robb
Polley, who was in L.A. , going up the bridge - when asked if she knew buck
rapp, said - "he went overboard" - then said, "oh, I am not suppose to talk
about that" and then clammed up.  We never heard of Buck Rapp nor saw any
mention of him.

(6) Ed Brewer, from Calgary, joined the Sea Org. Ed was a fire brand and a
wild card, he did not buckle down easily and had a lot of ethics orders and
generally did things his way. (I did not know it was a car accident and he
bled to death) but when I heard that he had died - I felt he had been
silenced because he knew too much and said too much.

(7) The young man killed on the freeway in L.A.- I,  as assistant guardian,
was phoned from l.a. and asked to "handle" his parents as there was trouble
likely because the parents were anti and would cause trouble, I was told it
was a messy accident - I contacted Rowan Grassi of Edmonton where the young
man came from and told him to deal with it and do all he could to avoid a
blow up and press.

(8) lady in 1961/62 from Applecross, a suburb of Perth, Western Australia.
R26 - 1 shot clear process experimental, were the guinea pigs. She cracked
on the course and use to wipe  excrement on herself, etc. She was held for
about six weeks in the top of a ware  house, in as toilet - (she went nuts)
other people on the same course had problems.

(9) One man died of a heart attack.

(10) A business man, ended up in a psychiatric ward.

(11) Another, regressed to about five and would cry and talk like a child
and become violent and throw things. The lady, the one who cracked, myself
and Rowan Grassi ( good scientologists ) were told by Tony Dunlevy, who was
the one in charge (CEO) - to take her after she was cleaned up, by Mrs.
Ilene Wimbush, who owned a nursing home, to the psychiatric facility, where
her husband, a scientologist met us and admitted her to the psychiatric
Tony's wife, Irene Dunlevy at that time was in charge of the r-26 course,
we use to meet in west Perth where scientology had space in top of a
warehouse there.

(12) John Loois - 1960 approximately  franchise holder in perth when he was
in St. Hill taking training, (the local org. - thought the Perth H.C.O.
officer walked into his franchise and tried to take it over. His loyal
staff refused without his presence. They were more loyal to him than
scientology. In 1966 he was ousted and declared a S.P. and his franchise,
was closed. The last I heard he was training as a psychologist.

(13)  Cathy  Brewer (the sister of Ed  Brewer) told me that she  had seen
written orders stating that as soon as a franchise was established and
making money in a regular manner and was profitable  - then it was to be
taken over by scientology and made into a Sea Org mission.

(14) Baron Baretz ( declared a S.P.), who left scientology and was critical
(told to me by Al Kaplan (Kapula) a franchise holder, himself in the U.S.
and had been sent by H.C.O to pressure me when I made it public I was
leaving scientology). He told us of the story of Baron Baretz - he said
that the guardian's office decided to hire a "button man" to silence him
and the scientology  case officer contacted a Mafia hit man to do the job,
but  it backfired disastrously for scientology as Baron Baretz had just
recently married into a mafia family. He said he did not think they  would
be likely to hire a "outsider" again. This was in  reference to asking if
they were likely to hire outsiders to run r2-45  end of cycle on me. ( then
I later read that Baron Baretz had been arrested - I wondered if the
scientologists had engineered it.

(15) Manson 1969  when I was doing the scientology secret police training,
assistant guardian's course in L.A. I had asked about Charles Manson and
was told to  mind my own business  and to keep my mind on the targets, the
Guardian's Office wanted me  to be interested in, and that my targets would
be psychiatrists and psychologists and the mental health propessional5. I
was left with no doubt that the Manson  case was taboo. At  the same time
two  scientologists had  been  killed  and  the  mutilated bodies dumped
behind ASHO (apparently Charles was upset with scientology -  he had given
his religion on a prison form as scientology)

(16) st.  Hill in 1967, the summer - a young man, tall, blonde, well  built
- on the solo course - had got "enturbulated)."  Rowan Grassi, who was on
staff, in the manor house, as a official  photographer at the time said he
saw him being loaded into a blue van belonging to another staff member and
he appeared dazed and out  of it.  He was not seen after that.  There were
some long time scientologists who were on course doing retreads and updates
- they were advised to take massive doses of vitamin e - Mr.  Wimbush,
Bernie and (ken's?) Father.

(18) A couple by the name of angel - one was called wing and one  (had some
connection to comic strip writer of fearless fosdick)

(19) was called smokey - successful franchise holders. Smokey died suddenly
as did Mr. Wimbush - heart attacks, we were told.

(20) also from Allan Kaplan (Kapula) - an Orlando franchise holder  in 72 -
was being pressured by the Sea Org. To sign over his bank  accounts and
franchise during a meal with the Sea Org people, he had a heart attack and
died in their company.

(21) Yvonne Zentz was outspoken about wrong doing within the  scientology
organization and there was a rumour that she was in  disagreement with
"what was happening in Mexico", the next thing  we hear, she is dead from a
brain aueurysm.  I have also been told she died of cancer, cancer is not
When I was an assistant guardian for western Canada, I was sent ethics
reports and S.P. orders and free loaders lists on many people including
S.P. order on EST and a list of suppressive groups - see copies attached,
these were fair game.

(22) A couple with a property on the outskirts of Edmonton - with five
children were pressured by the Sea Org to sell everything and move to the
Sea Org base in LA, the children were taken out of school and became
scientology messengers for the remainder of their education.

(23) Ottis Halliday and his wife, successful, franchise holders were on
course in 1967 - I heard later that he died suddenly ( from Al Kaplan
(Kapula) - the same person who told me of Baretz)  he was suppose to be in
the process of turning his franchise over to the org.

The name Scientologie was the name used by the German social scientist
philosopher, Nordenholtz, to describe his discoveries about how to motivate
and enthuse people for an ideal or an idea. He called one of his books -
the knowledge of learning or learning knowledge. Hitler's propaganda and
indoctrination was  based on the work of this man. It is interesting that
scientology calls itself the science of knowing how to know or the study of

The 3rd dynamic engram - the Guardian's Office was dealing with the 3rd
dynamic engram, they were to "clear" the 3rd dynamic which would allow
scientology to work effectively without hindrance. The mind of a
civilization and any group is its files and records, its "bank of
information" - in newspaper libraries and public libraries.  The reason
operatives are given (for stealing) or substituting files is to "clear"
anything negative from the memory of the civilization or group - about
scientology, its founder and its aims. Hence, the theft of government,
medical, tax and personal files.  The operatives are mentally manipulated
to believe that they are clearing the 3rd dynamic engram - especially when
it comes to replacing negative files with "good scientology" ones. This is
suppose to create a safe environment for scientology to take over groups,
then countries and hence "clear" the planet.  I am sure this is still
happening. Try to find the Time article in any newspaper or library file -
not to mention any other exposures of the organization.

Lorna Levett  February 4, 1994!msg/alt.religion.scientology/hG8bCoXB9rY/bmK9Gi17o-cJ

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