Friday, 22 February 2013

I am sure most of YOU who read this blog, will know by now I am banned from posting on ESMB.

Why have I been banned, because I will NOT and CANNOT conform to the rules.

I bring up things NOBODY wants to talk about.

But like ALL good scientologists they turn things around and make it about YOU. ME!

I have been doing this for so long now, I am fully aware of how they operate.

I said and this is not an exact quote, if you don't like what I am doing THEN BAN ME!  The reply was YOU ARE BANNED till 2015. AT YOUR REQUEST. Are you kidding me?

The last time I got banned on this board it was called a HOLIDAY!

Bring out the squirrels because they really are fucking NUTS!

I cannot and will not conform to the rules, YOU KNOW THE RULES said JILL VAN STADEN so many years ago. YEAH as a just 12 year old child, I knew the RULES, but as a almost 56 year old, I WILL NOT CONFORM TO YOUR RULES.


SO, MR. Wenlock, this must leave YOU and YOUR ILK in a bit of a predicament? NO?

YES, I think it does, the last place anyone wants to end up is XSO.

It's a REHABILITATION cycle. Brought to YOU by the Gillham sisters.
I have been there, I have done it, I was so distraught by the end of it, that I lost two dress sizes, I could barely think, I could NOT function. I lost my marriage of 20+ years, I nearly lost my children. I have had to work so god damned hard ever since it's almost like being back in the SEA ORG.

That is XSO!

Have YOU got a NUMBER to call, I think you have.

SO call it and see where YOU end up.

SO, YEAH the squirrels have lost their NUTS and they ain't gonna find them anytime soon.

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