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the motivator - overt act sequence

Life was a constant head-on battle between the sisters, Doris aged seven and Bess aged nine. After exactly five minutes of Bess telling Doris what to do and Doris telling Bess where to go, in the latest family version of Opening Procedure 8-C, step a both girls were pushing each other in the face.Ten minutes after that they were begging me to play another game. Another five minutes and they were on the floor in groteque positions squirming and groaning. Then a hectic few minutes of refusal to go on, while I continued calmly repeating the command. A few minutes of increased activity and they slumped to the floor exhausted. A momentous decision made while on the floor, to carry on for the "auditor sake" and then much laughter and shouting as they both touched things together. A fitting end to a session designed to get them to work and play together.

The auditing session was over; Doris and Bess had flopped into chairs. Bess picked up the Group Auditors Handbook, volume 11 from the table. She thumbed idly through the pages and the read: " Put your right hand on your head." looking up at me reproachfully she remarked: "You must do that. I'm the auditor now." So I sat down and put my right hand on my head. Bess kept on reading the commands and two pages later i had decided the proper time had arrived to begin groaning. Sliding down in the chair I complained loudly of tiredness and asked the "auditor" to stop. At this Bess grinned maliciously and sweet natured, loving little Doris said, in a stage whisper. "Give it to her Bess, make her holler." I moaned as if in agony at being asked to put my left hand on my knee. In great delight the same two pages were read again: my two "auditors" had learned evidently that one must carry through the same technique until the pre-clear is cheerful. After this much 8-C, I was in "good shape" and the two sisters were once more my bosom buddies.
Pat Mcpheeters, d.scn

nibs' corner

I have been getting a large volume of mail from the groups around the world. Most of the time, however, I have been hearing from the group leaders. I enjoy this, of course, but I would like to hear from all of you individually, not just members of a group. I will be very glad to help you in any way that I can.

Here is a very good idea. Why don't you groups in an area get together financially to send a person whom you think suitable through a course in Pheonix? The individual expense each one would have to bear would be quite small but the dividends paid on such an investment would be very great.

The Advanced Clinical Course is coming along fine. The students comment that they have arrived.Remember a new Advanced Clinical Course starts every three weeks and the Certification Course starts every Monday. We are looking forward to seeing you. And when you come, better bring both light and heavy clothes with you....the weather is very cool at night and in the early morning.

In a box and with photo of Toni Savant

no age limit

Toni Savant HDA who at the age of 12 is our youngest auditor, remarked about the Fifty New Axioms "Mummy who thought these up? They are so clear and simple yet nobody has ever bothered to know them before." Toni has just recently been passed by the Board of Examiners of the CFCS and is now a HDA.

I have fun........

I have been studying Scientology for two years and processing for six months. I process children to make them feel happier and I have fun while I am doing it. When they first arrive the children run around a bit and then I tell them where to sit. I get into two way communication with them, learn their names and so on. Then I start processing them.

I take volume 1 of the Group Auditors Handbook and have to rephrase some of it so they can understand it. Sometimes I have to show them what a word means - like "withdraw" for instance. I show them that it means "take your hand away." If they do not understand when I say "Hold the two back corners of the room" I tell them to turn around and look at the two back corners, then face the front again, close their eyes and look at the two back corners of the room. This usually makes it quite clear to everybody.

When I see they are having long comm lag - rephrase the question to be sure they understand it and ask them for a verbal answer. If one of them cries during the session I get one of the others to take him aside and process him separately for a few minutes.

Often at the beginning of a session my pre-clears often look dazed and just sit staring up at me; but by the end of the session they are smiling and happy.If there is any time left over we play games

Toni Savant

Journal of Scientology,page seven

Child Dianetics
 This book is staff written  and edited from lectures and developements of L. Ron Hubbard. His translation is the basis for the article on page 1 of this issue. A comprehensive work with the processing of children and successful family relations. List price...............$2.75

statement on certificates

The HASI is honoring all the certificates of the HAS.No certificates have been invalidated in any way. All Scientology certificates are valid up to and including December 1 1954, after which time the only valid certificates are those held by proffessional members of the HASI whose memberships are paid up and in force.

Dianetic certificates are all valid up to January 1, 1955, at which time only Dianetic certificate holders who have membership in the HRR will have valid certificates.

Only those auditors with valid certificates are recognised as auditors by the CECS.

All certificates that were previously revoked by the CRCS are now in effect.    


continued from page three
gently for more his imagination begins to pick up. Mockups which the child puts up and of which he gradually takes over control also re- establish his imagination and ability to create. An auditor can determine the case level by the ability to use imagination.

The basic ability of any thetan is the resolution of problems and we found in the case of child delinquents, and problem children generally, that this ability had been so severly invalidated by broken homes, lack of opportunity to do constructive things ie, solve problems and lack of appreciation of their efforts by parents and others, that the children had to become problems themselves in order to get attention.

To sum up we found that there is an imense scope in this field for any auditor who can tolerate motion, noise and emotion, and who is really interested in the sanity of the future generation. Such auditors by working with the public authorities, schools and institutions, aswell as with individual children can do a very great deal towards the achievement of freedom for mankind.

Kenneth Barrett d.scn
Ralph Swanson d.scn

case history leukaemia

Lyn Beverly Jones was born on the 7th of November 1952 in London, England.Her parents write: "She seemed to be develoing normally up to the age of three months; she would laugh freely and was being weaned. From three months onward, however, she frequently in and out of hospitals and constantly under the Doctor's care.An operation at five months to drain absesses  from behind the ears.....these swellings had failed to respond to penicillin injections.....caused a noticible retrogression in Lyn's develoement.She returned to breast feeding refusing all other types of food.

A slow improvement occurred and at nine months she changed over completely, within a very few weeks to solis foods. She refused to walk though she could stand quite firmly, until the age of eighteen months, when again quite suddenly,she began walking steadily and surely as if she had been walking for months. At nineteen months spots were observed on her feet after paddling in the sea. These we learned later are a symptom of leukaemia. She developed pneumonis and was removed to a hospital. Blood tests were taken and an abnormality of the blood revealed. Other tests confirmed that Lyn had leukaemia. Yhe specialists told me that this was quite fatal and that there was no cure.; he also told us that she had only a few weeks to live. He allowed us to take her home.....this was the 18th of August that she might be happy for the remainder of her short life. A week later her blood count had dropped another ten percent, further indication of leukaemia, and we were told that her expectation of life was only about two weeks.

On the 27th of August we heard of Miss Mowbray, a scientologist, and went to see her that evening. She started to audit Lyn right away and we noticed an improvement.

Two weeks later, on the 5th of September, the blood test showed the white blood counts steadily at 39,000 per c.r. which was the same as the test taken on the 24th of August. The red blood count was up to 62.

Another week later after further auditing, the white blood count was a gain down, this time to 24,000 per c.c. and the red blood was up to 66. The Doctor is amazed at the reults and the hospital has made no comments.

Below this is a list of tapes for sale and their prices

Pages 6 and 7 were too faint to scan. I'll type them up.Page 6 is up now, though the last paragraph is missing. It is just a rehash of book seven coming soon, will take a little longer as it is very faint and am having to use a magnifying glass.Page 7 is now up.

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