Monday, 11 February 2013

Child Dianetics

Knowing how to know, Scientology is one huge processing plant.


  1. Thank you very much for posting this document, Sharone. Hubbard could not help but reveal his own sordid psychology when he wrote "Child Dianetics."

    I appreciate your contributions to the knowledge base about Scientology. Thank you for surviving it, for telling your story, and for your hard-won insights.

    Best regards,

  2. Thank you very much Caroline.Coming from you this means a hell of a lot.

    One thing I feel very hard to understand or forgive is that Hubbard did this to my old friends, I find it very hard to forgive him and I also find it very hard to forgive them. They have chosen to lie in order to create a "history" that is NOT totally true.I find it so hard, I cannot even finish reading Lawrence Wright's book.I was going to write a review, at this time I cannot write that in all sincerity.If Hubbard's own words do not paint a true picture to these people, then nothing I can say can change that.

    What I lived through was not a pretty picture, it was a nightmare NO child should ever have gone through, but I did just the same as many children and I will NOT rest until something is done about it.If the Governments of the world cannot see how destructive this organization Is and has been for 60+ years, then it is they that are at fault, not me.

    With love to YOU and Gerry for sticking in there regardless of OSA and Fairgame, regardless of the back lash you both have received for sticking to your principals, both of YOU, along with Arnie Lerma have been my mentors. I could not wish for better people to be by my side. Love to ALL of YOU!