Monday, 11 February 2013

Pissed Off With Scientolgy

Many people don't get me, they don't get me because I only spent 6 years under L. Ron Hubbard's spell, I was a little kid, 6-12 years old and I finally got it.Apparently you have to have been in for 30 + years to be an expert. BULLSHIT! YOU are in 30+ years and you are an expert, at what? cult indoctrination.REALLY!

Well believe me at the age of 11 I got it, right up there alongside L. Ron Hubbard, I got it!

Overboardings, daily, commit your sins to the deep, the deep end of what?

Daily sec checks?

Comm Evs?


You people make me sick, because YOU don't fucking get it., actually I think YOU do get it, but YOU don't want to admit to it. Where does that leave you when one 11 year old got it.Yeah baby she got it!

L. Ron Hubbard almost got hit by a freight train on Venus, apparently.

Ahh, Ahh, Ahh!

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