Friday, 22 February 2013

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Scientology in High School

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On this day:

End of the world here for two - thank God!

Phillip Adams

It must come as a great shock to both of them, but Herbert W. Armstrong and L. Ron Hubbard are dead. These god-like gurus, who dominated the lives of countless disciples, have carked it, snuffed it and kicked the bucket. And the world is a better place for their passing.

L. Ron had a few things in common with Howard Hughes. He was fabulously wealthy, excessively reclusive and had to prove he was alive before he could die.

The founder of Dianetics and Scientology, a global empire turning over $100 million a year, had been bobbing around the ocean in a 3400-tonne ship, Apollo, whence he pulled the strings and counted the loot. Captains Queeg and Bligh would have admired his increasingly eccentric and brutal behaviour.

Trivial misdemeanours were punished by hurling people into "the locker". "Even kids of eight, nine or 10 were locked up for up to three days ..." recalls a victim. "They sat and slept on a coiled-up chain. They urinated and defecated there. When they came out they looked awful ... filthy dirty, tired and weeping. Like something out of Belsen."

Then L. Ron went very silent. There were rumours that he was with God. Perhaps he'd even replaced Him. In late 1982 Hubbard's son, L. Ron junior, began a superior court petition to prove his dad was dead so that he could get at the goodies. Like Howard Hughes, Hubbard refused to make a live court appearance but sent a hand-written letter complete with a thumb print. On this basis the court decided that he was, after all, extant.

But now his demise, in a Rocky Mountains retreat, has been confirmed by the church's hierarchy, it's time for a divvying of the spoils. Not that there'll be much left for Ron junior if the "squirrels" have their way. The squirrels are victims of the cult, dissidents or excommunicants (a number of Australians among them) who are joining in an international class action being prepared in California. The squirrels want their nuts back.

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