Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Taking Over.

 The town of Clearwater, Florida was taken over by the "Church" of Scientology in 1975 when Hubbard found few ports were welcoming for the Flagship Apollo.He had outgrown his welcome, hardly surprising considering the nasty and vindictive use of disconnection, fair game and law suits thrown at anyone who would dare to challenge Scientology or Hubbard.

This is a continuation of my previous post on Human Rights, in 1969 LRH and Scientology set up The Commission of Human Rights as a way to infiltrate human society and the world at large.Scientology is good at "pushing buttons" in other words what will get to people the most, a breach of human rights. CCHR was set up to push the worlds buttons.Behind the facade of human rights, world literacy,a drug free world and criminality being a thing of the past, the scientologists under the orders of LRH were breaching human rights,not ensuring their children got a good education, using drug addicts as a way of recruitment and creating and using criminals to ensure the advancement of Scientology out into our world.

The worst aspect of all of this is the use of children, raising children on the drug addled  dubious "religious scriptures" of a dead science fiction writer.L. Ron Hubbard's first son Nibs, had drugs put in his bubblegum at the age of 10, this from the man who is professed by the Scientologists to have given so much to mankind.His second son Quentin committed suicide or died under very mysterious circumstances after having been brought up on this;

And then there's the children of his loyal officers who grew up on this and their children and their children's children and then there are the children who don't know about any of this but are suckered into helping save the world.

So, what is CCHR?

Interview with the child Founder?For such a young girl, she has extraordinary bags under her eyes.Overworked?In the Sea Org?

Fully Informed:
Hugs Not Psychiatric Drugs!

Gosh I think Scientologists are actually taking notes from Anonymous,Free Hugs?Whatever next?

Children from the Clearwater Academy, singing along with Neal Fox, I am Free. Really?
Clearwater Academy:

Mama Who Bore Me:

Highlights from the CCHR Concert:
November 20th 2011, on the Buses at Flag with Darth Vador - notice the children!

I always wondered what went on inside the Celebrity Centers, apart from operating your thetans and now I know:

To be Continued...

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