Let's see. Where did the Midget come from?

Oh yeah! He was born to true believers who were proud of how easily and quickly he was brainwashed.

He wasn't just raised with Scientology principles being discussed in the household.

He wasn't just kept in a crappy Scientology nursery while his parents help save the world and got their own minds fucked with.

He wasn't just a public Scientologists or mission staff member or Org staff or even just plain old garden variety SO member.

He was fucking RAISED in the CMO. He was groomed to be an LRH clone. He never had any other life. NONE.

So the Indies might want me to believe that Davey was a bad boy, undetected in the loving care of His Majesty Hubbard as the evil spawn of satan that he actually is. Dave was a bad boy because of his whole track identities. It couldn't be because of the extremely abusive non childhood he must have had. I know we need to be careful not to give him a pass like we give Marty and Mike and any other defectors who are brave enough to share their names out loud. After all he is evil because of what he has plotted to do for many lifetimes.

No, assholes. David Miscavige is a product of not just Scientology parents and not just Scientology staff or Sea Org parents. His parents turned him over to the founder of the cult to be trained and molded into as close to an LRH clone as any person can become with standard Scientology directly from source. As CMO staff David Miscavige was LRH's personal slave. His parents gave him to their cult leader. What a loving gift. He was considered a commodity.

Scientology works. David Miscavige is living proof of exactly how effective it is and how well it works.