Monday, 5 December 2011

A dedication to Lisa McPherson.

Sixteen years ago, in 2005 a young woman died having spent some time at the Fort Harrisson Hotel, home to Scientology. She was not the first to die there and I dare say she won't be the last.Shortly before her death she was declared Scientology 'Clear'. What does this mean?

Now I have a serious problem here, because I don't want no wogs definition, I don't want no unindoctrinationated definition, I want Scientology's definition. There does not appear to be one on google. Why is that?Where is the definition of CLEAR? As stated by L. Ron Hubbard?

The definition of CLEAR that actually kills people, because there are NO clears in Scientology or out of it.Have You got a dictionary?

funny thing here,
Google Scientology"Clear"?

Wikipedia has a definition, all sorts of other bloggers have a definition but the "church" of cannot define "CLEAR". Why Is That? Maybe because CLEAR does not exist except in the minds of those that go off the rails in their pursuit of the unachievable. I'm sorry Lisa, because I know how hard that was as an unachievable goal.

You were lied to, tricked and deceived, you lost most of your money and in your endeavor to find spiritual freedom you found instead death, unfortunately, in Scientology's eye's that is spiritual freedom..Spiritual Freedom is dying and living again.What if you don't come back?

100 years and you don't come back?
200 years and you don't come back?
1,000 years and YOU don't come back?
1,000,000 and you don't come back?
1 billion years and YOU don't come back?

Where IS your spiritual freedom?
Where IS it?

Lisa McPherson died in the Fort Harrison Hotel, not believing that she was Jesus Christ, not believing that she was a Roman Emperor, but believing that she was L. Ron Hubbard.She stripped off her clothes and was naked because she needed HELP! She was "CLEAR". Stripped of ALL engrams. She died 17 days later, dehydrated and covered in cockroach bites.EXPLAIN  THIS! MARTY RATHBUN AND MIKE RINDER? EXPLAIN THIS!


Whilst we are at it EXPLAIN to me and her FATHER WHY SUSAN MEISTER DIED?




I don't care how many beatings you've taken, I've taken beatings, I've been beaten black and blue, there was a time I was a walking fucking bruise, head to toe, nothing to do with Scientology at all, a Psychopath husband, but I STILL  managed to walk away and create a life for myself, and do YOU know why?Because it was Important to me that my children would not suffer the way I had.

My youngest daughter came home from school one day and was disappointed because she had NO odd or weird things happen in her life and needed something bizarre to fulfill a project at school.I could offer her nothing, as I had given her a normal life. A far, far stretch from my own.But at this point in time, she had known nothing of this.

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