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Human Righs Day! 2011.

So anyway, what we're trying to do then is, we're trying to revitalize western society. Well, the Gung-Ho program, this actually will re kindle the purposes and ambitions of individuals in Public, er, if run off according to er policy letters in the way it is covered. And the, the general er, attack line is along the lines of human rights, human rights. Now, I'll give you a clue now, how this is handled. Somebody comes up to you, he's a hostile person, he's hostile to Scientology and he says to you. He says eh, Scientology mwa mwa mwa mwa mwa.... and you say "Why are you against human rights?"And er, then if you know anything about human rights,like the declaration of human rights, United Nations, that sort of thing, you know something about this subject, you just follow it right straight up. Total attack! In other words you don't defend Scientology, you just simply attack along this line of human rights. Somebody else comes along hostile, he says something to you about this, or he says something in press, or in a group or something like this, ah, and ah something about treatment or something in Scientology and you should come back at him " Why are you in favor of psychiatric death camps, why are you in favor of psychiatric brutality to human beings?" And er just let him try to handle that ball.And use these two things.

Now, the Gung-Ho group and it's activities will revitalize the west. Our technology of course can't help but do that. It is only fought by people who are trying to degrade the west. And in your general activities when somebody asks you or speaks to you nicely about Scientology, why of course tell him  er or her.But the hostile person, the hostile press line, ah, for instance a newspaper writes an article on the subject of how bad Scientology is, well any Scientologist reading it at once writes to the newspaper "Why are you in favor of psychiatric death camps, why are you criticizing Scientology, why are you in favor of psychiatric death camps?" and we will make some progress on this. Now, actually what will happen, what will happen really is each time Scientology is attacked, we will build into the society, if all of you do this. We'll build into the society an actual stimulus response mechanism.Er, ah,whereas an attack on Scientology is ah is actually an attack on human rights and a person making such an attack is in favor of psychiatric death camps and er if this is the way you handle this and handle it consistently, even though you get bored with it and want something else to, something else to shoot them with.This will produce a fantastic effect.

If now you are to, eh, get in touch with any er persons of political, ah, lawyers, bar associations, civil rights organizations, er anything like that, or individuals who are very important politically or who own newspapers, and you push forward a campaign in favor of human rights, and you push this campaign forward and hammer it and pound it through and object like mad to the biggest loophole they have right now on this subject, and the biggest loophole they have is psychiatric escapement of human rights. I don't think you realize it but, in most any country of the west at this particular time, er any person can be picked up and er just on the say so of a psychiatrist or without any say so at all and at once thrown into one of these sanitariums and he can be hurt, injured, obliterated, given amnesia, de-personalized, erm battered about and in actual fact killed.This is er, the biggest and most flagrant violation of human rights on the planet today and it is very germane to us because we've got to clean up their mess one of these days. So we should do something about putting it down. Now, these are the chaps that have been fighting us for nineteen years and they are getting it back hot. By the way, we're having a fantastically, erm, violent effect upon er these organizations, they are in a sweat.To be crude about it, they are so worried, that in one of their largest front groups er the ah, PRO er fellow in charge of public relations went into a complete psychotic break just on the thought, that he might possibly be questioned er, by a Scientologist.And er, he didn't even have to think that, he went in just on the subject of Scientology, they are just starting to go into complete psychotic breaks. It shows you that we're lying across a very hot line and er this is er, these are the two buttons which are repeated er by other organizations and these are the two buttons that our enemies cannot stand, and, and, about which we can immediately, directly do something and these are of course, human rights and psychiatric death camps.

From L. Ron Hubbards journal 1968 Read my blog post here in November:

Here is the official site of Scientology here in 2011 and guess what?

The Church of Scientology has co-sponsored eight annual Human Rights Summits. Youth delegates from around the world exchange ideas and meet with United Nations diplomats and human rights leaders to increase the effectiveness of their campaigns. The 2008 Summit was held at the United Nations in New York.

Human rights are the rights that belong to everyone without exception—to people of any color, creed, age, ethnicity or gender. But as United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon pointed out in his Human Rights Day message this year, “…unless we know them, unless we demand they be respected, and unless we defend our rights — and the right of others — to exercise them, they will be just words in a decades-old document.”

To make the rights enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights known to all, the Church of Scientology has undertaken a massive human rights education initiative, reaching more than 180 million people in 2011 with the information on human rights in 17 languages.

The United Nations estimates that 2.45 million people are trafficked each year, nearly a billion live in hunger, and almost half the world’s population subsists on less than $2.50 a day, making it clear any momentum generated this year must continue and that education and insistence on human rights has never been more vital.
In a global demonstration of support for the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and its 30 rights, Scientology Churches and Missions marked Human Rights Day with seminars, rallies, concerts, round tables, forums and festivals, and helped organize more than 80 human rights walks in 26 countries to raise awareness of the Declaration and the need for its full implementation.

In 1969, L. Ron Hubbard wrote, “The United Nations came up with the answer. An absence of human rights stained the hands of governments and threatened their rules. Very few governments have implemented any part of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. These governments have not grasped that their very survival depends utterly upon adopting such reforms and thus giving their peoples a cause, a civilization worth supporting, worth their patriotism.”

For more than four decades, the Church has worked to make the Universal Declaration of Human Rights broadly known. The Declaration appeared in the first edition of Freedom Magazine, the Church’s human rights journal, in 1968. In 1998, in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Declaration, the Church carried out the first of five annual cross-European marathons, reaching an estimated 33 million with its message in support of human rights.

Ten years ago, the Church began publishing materials that present the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in terms anyone can understand. These booklets, award-winning public service announcements and human rights documentary videos are available free of charge to any individual or group.
“There are many examples in history of what individuals can accomplish by demanding their rights and insisting on the rights of others,” says Rev. Robert Adams, Vice President of the Church of Scientology International. “But a knowledge of these rights comes first. The United Nations adopted the Universal Declaration of

Human Rights in 1948, yet in many ways, despite advances, the violations of its articles are as abhorrent today as they were six decades ago. We work with many dedicated groups, organizations, agencies and government bodies to make human rights a reality. To achieve this goal, education in human rights must be mandatory, and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights must be given the force of law.”

Since Human Rights Day 2010, through direct action and sponsorship of activities and materials, the Church of Scientology has reached hundreds of millions of people with humans rights information, distributing more than 2 million publications and providing educational materials to more than 45,000 human rights organizations and 4,500 educators and educational institutions.

Caption that accompanies picture number 5.
In October 2011, the Church of Scientology of New York and Youth for Human Rights presented a Distinguished Leadership Award to Dr. Paul Orhii, Director-General of the Nigerian National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control, for his work to ban counterfeit pharmaceuticals in his country.Image 5 of 5

And who is that white man in this picture?Could it be this man?
at 5.42 in this video the scientology Reverend John Carmichael repeats " I smell pussy, and you in particular".

The Church of Scientology has co-sponsored eight annual Human Rights Summits. Youth delegates from around the world exchange ideas and meet with United Nations diplomats and human rights leaders to increase the effectiveness of their campaigns. The 2008 Summit was held at the United Nations in New York.Image 1 of 5

On the 3rd of November 2011 here in England this was going on:

EAST GRINSTEAD, SUSSEX—Funds raised by Scientologists at the 15th annual Gala Charity Concert at the UK headquarters of the Church of Scientology this month purchased two urgently needed fast response vehicles for Sussex Air Ambulance. The organization delivers medical crews to accidents and medical emergencies and transports patients to the nearest major hospital or specialist unit in a fraction of the time a land ambulance takes.

While most of Sussex Air Ambulance rescues are by air, the charity also needs fast response vehicles for rescues in bad weather and at night.

This year, instead of the traditional check presentation at the end of the concert, two fast response vehicles were raced into the hall, lights flashing, and presented to Air Ambulance Chief Executive and three of his medical staff who accepted the gift on behalf of their team and those whose lives these vehicles will save.
The more than 1,500 attending the concert enjoyed a broad range of entertainment—jazz and swing to hip-hop and rock and roll—from Chill E.B., the Jive Aces, Jackie Wilson, Mari Percy, Christian Durocher, Michele Henderson and Cody Boogie Boy Lee, with a surprise finale dance performance by Kirstie Alley.

The Charity Concert was the final event of the three-day celebration of the 27th anniversary of the International Association of Scientologists held this year from October 14-16. Attended by more than 6,000 Scientologists and guests, the annual event included a day of seminars on IAS-sponsored humanitarian campaigns providing drug education and prevention, human rights education the Scientology Volunteer Ministers program—the largest independent relief force on Earth.
Saint Hill Manor is a site of great historical importance to Scientologists: It was home to Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard from 1959 to 1966, and where he completed development of an exact route anyone may travel to attain true spiritual freedom.

In 1984, leading Scientologists from around the world met at Saint Hill to found the International Association of Scientologists with this purpose: “To unite, advance, support and protect the Scientology religion and Scientologists in all parts of the world, so as to achieve the aims of Scientology as originated by L. Ron Hubbard.”


So tell me reader, why in 1969 when the Citizens Commission for Human Rights was set up by Scientology's leader L. Ron Hubbard as a front group for Scientology, was I, a 12 year old girl threatened with being put into a mental institution if I ever spoke out about what happened on L. Ron Hubbard's ship the Apollo in 1967-1969.

And why was this woman and others still going through this in 2011, and all in the name of Human Rights and Religion.
Scientology Kids:Indoctrinated by the age of 18.
More Scientology Kids:
This video is seriously disturbing: Be warned.

Scientology committing Human Rights Abuses since it's Inception.

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