Friday, 16 October 2015

Universal to be Sued over Tom Cruise film Mena

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Tom Cruise is set to play murdered DEA informant Barry Seal in Doug Liman's film Mena.

Tom Cruise film faces lawsuit

The lawsuit says the studio made a $350,000 deal with the wrong family members.

Universal Sued Over Tom Cruise Film by Family of Slain DEA ...

Ferrie, Oswald, Seal: ‘Committing Journalism’ in New Orleans

Leading up to this weekend’s Oswald Conference in New Orleans, over the next few days I will be publishing interviews and video of eyewitnesses who knew three men Americans were violently prevented from hearing. David Ferrie, Lee Harvey Oswald, and Barry Seal—each … Continue reading

Lawsuit filed regarding Barry Seal's movie starring Tom Cruise

Speeking of Tom Cruise just as an aside, I was reminded of something my Father said when I read this quote by Emily Blunt...

"Look how cool he is. He did 'Edge of Tomorrow' and then 'Mission' with Rebecca Ferguson, who kicks his ass in the film again. I think it's just remarkable and unusual for an action star of his stature to really want these empowered roles for women in action roles. You have to take your hat off to him because I think a lot of guys wouldn't be alright with that. On the whole, the women play these moody-eyed damsels and the guys run around saving the world. He is more a rarity in that way. He loves strong women."

Emily Blunt on Tom Cruise and the New Wave of Emboldened Female Characters

...and what did my Father say..." I never understood why the old man (referring to LRH) always gave women such high powered roles in Scientology"...


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