Thursday, 8 October 2015

Cruise misses his daughter's UK wedding

I came across a very amusing piece in the Times today written by Will Humphries...a certain highlighted paraghraph made my day...

Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman did not attend their daughter's Scientology wedding ceremony in London last month, despite both being in the city.

The former married couple's adopted daughter  Isabella Cruise 22, married Max Parker, a British IT consultant whom she has being seeing for less than a year, at the Dorchester hotel on September 18. Like her father, Ms Cruise, a hair stylist working in England, follows Scientology, which promotes claims that humans are an exiled race from space called Thetans.

At the ceremony - which included a mixture of Christian and Scientology rituals - she wore a sheer lace white dress over black tights, while her bridesmaids were dressed in pale pink jumpsuits. Mr. Parker does not follow the religion.

Both Cruise and Kidman, who was in the city rehearsing for her West End play Photograph 51, agreed not to atend the nuptuals, according to the Daily mail, because of fears they would attract unwanted media attention.

Despite not attending, Cruise reportedly footed the bill, while Kidman played a role in the wedding planning and met the couple for a private dinner.

Reports that Cruise didn't attend because Mr. Parker is not a Scientologist were rejected, as the young couple are said to have spent Thanksgiving and Christmas with the actor.

This is called deflection, don't look there, look over here, if it had not have been so amusing, I wouldn't have even brought it up...but it requires attention...this story happened three weeks ago, yet the media have just picked it up in the last what don't they want you to look at, and I am not talking about the media, I am talking about Scientology...

They don't want you to look at Cathriona's Scientology connections, they don't want you to look at Tom Cruise's Film "Mena's" connections to the CIA and Scientology's connections to them, they don't want you to look at Scientology's Celebrity endorsements, they don't want you to look at Kelly Preston's Scientology background with her husband John Travolta being such a big human being " Scientology has been so beautiful to me"
They don't want you to read David Edgar Love's book about Narconon, because he has an insiders perspective of it and he puts them to shame...and my step sisters, step father has the lowdown on all of this, he was their accountant and I will put him to shame...
...because then you have the children who never knew any better because they were guided by a slight of hand, they were lead to believe things that were totally untrue, but when you have been born to accept this is the way of do you extricate yourself from that way of life, never having known anything different? 

It's a difficult conflict, one I personally have spent 46 years trying hard to comprehend...and they(The Scientologists) do NOT want you looking at the birth of the Sea ORG...there is NO church here, it is an organization to make money...

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