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So, What is Scientology doing in Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Brazil, Equador and Panama, not to mention the ABC Islands in the Caribbean?

With an extraordinary amount of hits on this blog recently, from this region of the world, I decided to see what I can dig up. It appears the scientologists are boosting their drive in this entire area...

So what do we know, we know that this year Scientology opened an org in Bogota, we know that Tom Cruise has been prancing around Medellin whist filming Mena and hobnobbing with Colombian Officials. We know that TheFreewinds cruise ship lives in the Carribbean sea, and docks mainly at Aruba, but in recent weeks has been to Cartagena, Colombia, stopping at Santa Marta on its way back to Aruba.We also know Scientology is fast becoming a nasty word here in the Western world.
Sep 1
Tom Cruise a su llegada a Santa Marta.
Freewinds Tracking
Oh, we have left Aruba and are off to St. Kitts
but, they did stop at Santa Marta on their way back to Aruba 

FREEWINDS - Passengers Ship: current position and ...

So the Freewinds has gone from Cartagena, Colombia to Santos Marta, to Aruba, to Willemstad, Curacoa and now off to St. Kitts.

Meow! I still think they have a flap going on. (In scientology jargon, that is panic.) What can we do to make this go away? Hide! I don't know about you, but if two of my colleagues died in an airoplane crash and I happened to be a big movie star, globally, don't you think you should say something? Anything? But not Tom Cruise, he next shows up at a football game in Baton Rouge, the home town of Barry Seal. The movie Mena is about to be sued...coincidence...of course it is... 'I have never been to a college football game in my life, yeah I'll go see one in Baton Rouge'...meanwhile the Freewinds heads to Colombia and stays there for at least 3 + weeks...meanwhile this happens...

Family of murdered drug smuggler sue Universal over Tom ...

But, Tom Cruise needs to get his ethics in...


In 2008 Scientology sent its Vulture Ministers on to the Amazon River to hand out way to happiness booklets in Santa Rosa,Peru and Leticia,Colombia. Having made themselves at home in Colombia with the local Police force, Army and Government officials, it would seem Colombia is the entry point into the surrounding countries.

'Something can be done about it' it says on the side of it's custard coloured barge. The boat appears to be called Christian Joseph, although there will be nothing christian going on in this barge. One can't help but wonder if the Sea Org has it's own branch in the rain forest.

Scientology Volunteer Ministers Bring Help to Indigenous ...

I don't like that Aida still promotes scientology outside of the organization, like it has something to offer which it does not, but I have to hand it to her on this post, especially as it's about celebrities...

And I was very taken by this in the comments...

Alex Castillo What on Earth is DM delivering in Colombia, Venezuela and Argentina? We all know very well that whatever he is delivering, is NOT SCIENTOLOGY AND DIANETICS.
He is delivering tickets to misery and bankrupcy!

Love from,
Pissed off alex castillo (puro mexicano chilango)
The rest is in Spanish, but easily understood via google translate

I happen to think thats exactly what David Miscavige is delivering, pure Scientology and Dianetics, with the odd altered bit for PR reasons. If Hubbard could do it, so can Miscavige.


A new press release from the Scientology cult boasts of its activities among Amazon basin tribal and Mestizo peoples. Scientology says people who have paid $300,000+ to reach the higher "OT Levels" will have superhuman powers of mind and body.

THE CULT’S "Volunteer Ministers" (AKA "Vulture Ministers") have appeared with a "bright yellow barge" in the Tres Fronteras region, a point where the borders of Brazil, Colombia and Peru come together. Absurdly claiming that "Life for those who live along the 4000 mile-long Amazon River continues much as it did centuries ago," the Vulture Ministers have targeted the towns of Leticia, "Columbia" (sic) and Santa Rosa, Peru. This area has long been part of the Christian, Jehovah’s Witness, and Mormon missionary circuit, and now Scientology has appeared on the scene to dispense its kooky but destructive "ministry." Unlike legitimate religions, however, Scientology doesn’t make efforts to heal the sick, feed the hungry, or house the homeless -- Scientology just shows up to teach people how to think like Scientologists.
A new press release from the Scientology cult boasts of its activities among Amazon basin tribal and Mestizo peoples. Scientology says people who have paid $300,000+ to reach the higher "OT Levels" will have superhuman powers of mind and body.

Scientology cult targets Amazon river communities

In 2010 Scientology had fliers up in a Peruvian bookstore

Harpoons! Scientology Books on Peruvian "Crisol" Bookstore |

Hollywood sect seeks expansion in Colombia :: Catholic ...



A letter from the cos email group, TNX-L was posted this week. It describes efforts to spread Scientology into Colombia. Mike Edwards and Dick Weigand are involved in the project. They are spreading books and courses to the Columbians using high schools, the military and the police.

"This ground work plus our connection to the Echavarria family has opened the door for us. Our purpose is to fill that vacuum created, claiming as much ground as quickly as possible through the introduction of LRH technology to the government, military, police, education and business personnel."
"The Military trained on LRH tech enabling them to achieve the result of a country without insanity (the real enemy), without criminals (Mafia, Druglords) and without war (guerrillas and terrorists), where the able can prosper and honest being can have rights, and where man is free to rise to greater heights which are the aims of Scientology. To make this goal and target real for the officers and soldiers of the Military."
"Since the original report we have started delivery of the BSM to 12,000 high school students, which is in progress at this time. We are delivering to the Military enmasse and to the Police. Many great results have been obtained and further delivery is being planned by these agencies. We have 7 other High Schools, 42 elementary schools, and an entire State's educational system in the country wanting LRH's educational tech. We are also consulting the biggest businesses in the Country as a means of financing the social reform efforts."
<3nlobc bo8="""">

The Strange Tale of the Powerful Colombian Echavarria ...
23 Jun 2015 - 18 – and he's gonna bring scientology to Colombia! ... The family history begins with Don Alejandro Echavarria Isaza, patriarch and business ...

1991 Echavarria, (first name unknown) suspected suicide (Reported in "Scientology Faces Two New Suits" in CAN newsletter) Maria Echavarria's son died unexpectedly in Clearwater, Florida. Scientology owed her son some $50,000. There is suspicion that the son may have committed suicide, and the death was not just accidental 

The Strange Tale of the Powerful Colombian Echavarria ...

It sounded so exotic to me… | The McClaughry's Blog
6 Jul 2015 - Diego Echavarria Misas, was one of the founding partners of Alejandro ..... Hint: I told you earlier what families like the scientology-supporting ...

diego echavarria and benedikta and isolda | The ...
26 Jun 2015 - fountains at diego echavarria house ... of the Powerful Colombian Echavarria Family and L. Ron Hubbard (Scientology) · Exclusive – Pictures of ...

The Vatican Meets Nicaragua, Scientology, and The ...
21 Jul 2015 - or whose family was wrecked – which although these things are terrible? ...... The Echavarria family of Colombia (who had business offices in ...

Scientology: 'The Crusade' Continues - Gawker

Scientology in Colombia | Why We Protest | Anonymous ... › Forums › Anonymous vs Scientology › Leaks & Legal
13 Feb 2009 - It all started with the Echavarria family of. Colombia, a very powerful ruling family, converting over to Scientology a while back. It has now

Scientology Crime Syndicate - DEATH, PSYCHOSIS, and ...

June -- Church of Scientology International President Heber Jentzsch, when asked about some of his organization's unpaid bills in the Clearwater area: "Thanks for bringing this to our attention."
During the past year, the Times reports, Scientology settled or obtained voluntary dismissals of at least 10 lawsuits from plaintiffs that sued for more than $300,000. Most of the creditors suing said Scientology simply left them with unpaid bills for construction work, equipment, furniture, and more than $125,000 worth of food supplies. Other suits include those of Michigan resident Mark Lewandowski and Maria Echavarria of California, who both sued the church to get their money back: Mark for $13,300 and Maria for $28,000

1991 - Freezone

Ex-Scientologist Leah Remini claims being critical of Tom Cruise 'is ...

Richard Weigand
A frequent contributor to the Theta News Exchange in 1995, Weigand was was at that time one of the key organizers of CoS efforts in Colombia, including extensive campaigns to have the tech adopted by the military, police and public schools. (Editor's comment - sounds a lot like a fulltime job to me.) Since then, he is reported to have returned to the United States, where he is a fulltime FSM. 

The Scientology Cult's GO/OSA 11, Where Are They Now?


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