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The History of the Freewinds

As usual searching for something else entirely, I came across this, thought some of you might be interested...

M/S BOHÉME (1968) - Fakta om fartyg

Of course the history of the Freewinds since the Scientologists took it over is an entirely different matter... 

Release and Waiver - Possibly Helpful Advice

A special team from the US
is working on removing the as-
bestos from the Scientology
cruise ship
in the dry
dock in Curacao. The team is be-
ing supervised by an independent
agency from the Netherlands. On
April 28 the
was sealed
and quarantined at the Mathey
Wharf following the discovery of
significant amounts of harmful
blue asbestos in the ship's struc-
ture. The
is a frequent
visitor to Bonaire and numerous
island activities have been hosted
aboard the ship.
is a cruise ship
owned and operated by the Church
of Scientology under the name
“Majestic Cruise Lines.” Thou-
sands of people have been aboard
after paying to at-
tend Scientology courses, training
services and functions. Stories
have appeared in Dutch newspa-
pers suggesting that people who
spent time aboard
should be checked by a doctor.

05-16-08 - The Bonaire Reporter

Go to the begining and don't stop till you reach the end...

Remember the Freewinds Asbestos Case? SLAVERY! | Page 3 | 

Ricardo A. Durling - Durling & Durling

Luis A. Durling - Durling & Durling

Superior Court revokes sanctions against former Mayor Carlos Otero Gerdts

October 15, 2013 - 12:02 AM
Providence reminds the mayor Dionisio Velez Trujillo what their obligations Bazurto market.

District disputed ruling ordering three days of arrest Mayor

29 Sep 2015 - 12:00 am
The Head of the District Legal Office contends that are characterizing recyclers.


If you understand this, you are a better man/woman than I am...I call skullduggery... a whole 109 pages of it...

Summary description of scientology ... - Xenufrance

Follow The Money (IAS and Curacao) By Virginia McClaughry

Which in theory brings us right back to this blogpost...

So, What is Scientology doing in Colombia, Venezuela ...
3 days ago - So, What is Scientology doing in Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Brazil, Equador and Panama, not to mention the ABC Islands in the Caribbean?

This is the same woman who, as a prime minister, reputedly got an ANG5K/month salary from contractor De Antillen. It was she who welcomed the Church of Scientology in Curaçao, just while it was getting itself banned as a criminal organization in England, France and Germany. Their ship Freewind was refurbished by that same CDM, while the crew staid in a house owned by her. One wonders exactly who paid whom, how much, and for what, at that occasion. 


Tom Cruise's mate...Anibal Gaviria

Anibal Gaviria.jpg 

Aníbal Gaviria - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Medellin (Colombia), Aug 23 (IANS/EFE) Hollywood star Tom Cruise met the mayor of the northwestern Colombian city of Medellin to discuss the filming of his upcoming movie "Mena".
"It was a friendly and productive meeting that lasted more than an hour," said mayor Anibal Gaviria, adding that Medellin Film Commission members and Dynamo Producciones executive Andres Calderon also participated in the meeting.
Cruise plans to spend a few more days in Medellin to get some work done on the shooting of "Mena", the mayor said.
The 53-year-old actor thanked officials for their support and said he felt "comfortable" in the city, Gaviria said.
Cruise plays Barry Seal, an American pilot who worked for Medellin drug cartel leader Pablo Escobar and later became an informant for the US Drug Enforcement Administration, in "Mena".
"Cruise is living in Medellin. He's gone to different restaurants to eat and has spent time with the people," the mayor said.
The Hollywood star was impressed with the "beauty of the mountains" in Medellin, Gaviria said.
"His comments about the city were positive and he has an extremely positive impression of Colombia."
Cruise shared some ideas about how to turn Medellin into the "film industry capital of Latin America", the mayor said.

Tom Cruise is meddeling in Medellin 

Pilot on Tom Cruise movie crew dies in Colombia plane crash



Tom Cruise meets Colombian mayor to discuss 'Mena ...

Image result for Tom Cruise and the mayor of Medellin

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