Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Scientology London posting big adverts in The London Evening Standard

Video is not playing for me, however Mr. Pinchin doesn't look very happy...I wonder why?

Mr. Pinchin is the Director of Public Affairs, which includes sending people out to take pictures of people protesting and following them around. Real James Bond stuff, still doing it in 2015...

Speaking of James Bond...How about Mission Impossible?

Tom Cruise is filming in London and is making his presense ever felt according to DM (Daily Mail)

Could it be Posh is thinking "Shit, not more links to scientology". The recent ads and the high profile figure of Tom Cruise in London is all part of a  PR push by the scientologists to advance their organization on the unsuspecting public. Celebrities supposedly 'scaling' tall buildings, will be seen as a dare devil stunt. No...just publicity for the followers of XENU.

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