Saturday, 14 March 2015

Harassment Injunction in Ireland

I have been avoiding commenting on this, but feel I must...

Pete Griffiths is and has been a friend of mine for some time, I first met him in 2008 outside St. Hill at a protest.He has done some terrific work in the exposure of scientology and has put on many conferences and he is to be applauded for his out standing work. However, I am at a loss to see what is going on with him right now...I have expressed my dismay privately and he has not replied. I did not like what I saw being done at St. Hill in 2014 at the IAS protest - dawn raid and I have seen the protest video in question which cannot be seen now following a scientologist woman Zabrina Collins in Ireland, I was even more dismayed by the protest procedures.

It seems I am not the only one...

Background to the Harassment injunction concerning Pete Griffith and John McGhee

I can only hope that both Pete and John come to their senses.From what I could see it is the same tacticts used by scientologists to intimidate protesters. If these tactics are used, then it will make it more and more difficult for future protests. If key ex members all end up with restraining orders, scientology is going to call that a very big win...intimidation and stalking is what the scientologists do, not peaceful protesters.

It's a very sad day...

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