Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Business's operating in East. Grinstead.

We always knew they were creepy, but just how creepy?

I have been looking into companies house and it is quite astonishing how many scientology business's both past and present all operate from the same addresses. What is of most interest at least to me is how certain names crop up that have the most staggering amount of dissolved companies. It really is an eye opener.

Whilst browsing and pondering on this I came across this: It's a 2003 report from the town council. Interesting to me and why many have probably wondered about the local newspaper 'Eat Grinstead Courier', here's your answer...it operates out of '37 High Street', this address was home to Derek Field Accountant for scientology for many years:

Welcome to Derek Field & Co.

His plaque long gone, there are still many companies operating from this address, but that's for another time

Three pu

Two local papers in East Grinstead:
East Grinstead Courier
Courier Printing and Publishing Co. Local address: 37 High Street East
Grinstead RH19 3AF
East Grinstead Observer
(part of East Surrey and Sussex Newspapers) Local address: 182 London Road,
East Grinstead RH19 IAD
Local Radio – Mercury Radio based in Crawley (8 miles), and BBC Southern
Counties Radio
TV – Meridian Carlton
Consideration is being given to establishing a user group at the local theatre
Chequer Mead. Chequer Mead has a system in place for getting feedback from

[PDF]East Grinstead Snapshot - East Grinstead Town Council



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