Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Pick up the cans, this is the session...

Pick up the cans FREEDOM because this is the session...poor Silje...where did you dig that story up from...out of your arse like ALL things scientological.

I had ME for aproximately 12 years, I know how devastating it can be, as do my family.That is a very crude and back door method of dead agenting me. When I had ME, I was on occasion offered 'your psych drugs' but I refused point blank, I had this kind of stigma against them ingrained in early childhood...6 years old. Hard to shake off.

So we will go back to that earlier incident when I was told I must never touch psych drugs or go to the dentist...I was just six years old and it was a repeated mantra till I was 12 years old, but by then I had it figured out...it was and is a crock of shit...however the psych drug bit kinda stayed with me much of my life, especially when I had ME. I now know I possibly could have halved my illness had I taken those drugs...funny isn't it...so Lron's teachings left me far iller than I needed to be for far longer than I needed to be. Wow, that is real humaniterian

even funnier, I'm now being paid by big pharma to write this...Robert Duggan supporting human rights for great big effigies...however last year my step sister was being paid by the law courts for 7 months until August 2013, in December 2013 my big fat scientology wedding was given the go ahead. And my sister, she is still a scientologist...life long.

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