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Scientology - Suspicious Deaths Documentary


                                              Scientology suspicious deaths documentary by Markus Thoess

 Markus Thoess, has dared to do what no other investigative reporter has dared.

 Published on 25 Oct 2014

: German filmmaker, Markus Thoess investigates suspicious deaths while filming in Scientology's mecca, Clearwater, Florida. Trailer video clip published on YouTube with permission. Thoess' film deserves to be widely distributed and seen in North America. He is deeply knowledgeable about the long history of criminality of the Church of Scientology.

This is the trailer. The language is German. Same with subtitles on youtube. (At this stage.) But there is enough English written and spoken to get an idea of what it`s about.

Originally posted by Gerry Armstrong

This is weirdly much like what happened with Marcus Thöss. He received a communication threatening that, if he was friendly with me, Marty, Mike and their communicants wouldn’t help him with his film about Scientologist Biggi Reichert’s death. Thöss went nuts on me, which apparently did get him some assistance from M, M & communicants.

Gerry to Graham Berry on Honey Tech

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William Barwell's Scientology Murder FAQ

"********************************************* ****
* The Scientology Murder Project *
W.C. Barwell 1-26-2006

It is well known that Scientology in the past has
dabbled in the waters of murder of critics
and "squirrels".

This is a project to chase down as many examples
murder plans and attempts as possible. By doing
so, it will hopefully make it harder for them to
try again in the future.

Scientology is known to be willing to murder
people or drive them to suicide, this will
hopefully force Scientology cfor legal reasons,
if not moral reasons to avoid even appearances
of such activities in the future. Luckily,
they seem to be rather incompetent at actually
achieving real murders.


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