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Look at the picture of LRH

Uploaded on 14 Jan 2009
This child is being whipped and abused simply for "questioning the works of L Ron Hubbard Scientology teaches its members to treat children like animals and here is an obvious example.

Wally Hanks spent hours carving special paddles for child abuse this sadly is only one of the stories of children being abused(physically and sexually) in scientology and one of the few where even the AUDIO is fit for youtube.

for more info on how dangerous for children scientology is google "Abuse scientology child" and go to the site taxexemptchildabuse

In California, there used to be a facility called the Mace Kingsley Ranch (this has now relocated to New Mexico). This was basically a boot camp for kids of Scientologists run using Hubbard principles of 'ethics' etc. The idea was to handle these mostly teenagers who had gone off the rails (may have something to do with the typical neglect shown by Scieno parents, who spend all their time and money on Scientology). As a side note, the money they made was outrageous, charging at least $3,000 per kid each month.

Wally Hanks was the owner of this facility. He was "a highly trained OT Scientologist". He was in actual fact a child molester. He got kids drunk and then gave them guns to practice shooting. I was there, this is not heresay. He molested me by putting his hands down my shirt after he had given me several beers. I was 12 at the time. When I asked another girl there about this, she said that it was just the way he was and he did it with all the girls.

Later on, when I worked for the Church, I saw reports that he had done much worse molestings with other girls. He would get girls drunk and then have them urinate on cars and then touch their private parts. I do not remember if he had actually raped any of them, but it is possible. The girls were young, pre-teens or teens. The Church knew all about it, but didn't report it to the authorities and didn't declare him a Suppressive Person because "he was an OT 8 and it would cause bad PR". This all occured between 4 - 8 years ago.

Additionally, Wally used to beat the kids, mostly the boys with a paddle. If someone did anything wrong, all the kids would be brought into a room and watch one kid get paddled. I saw this happen. Additionally, any kid would be paddled on their birthday.

Wally left the Mace Kingsley ranch, but even there, the abuses continued. I know of one boy who was sent there and he was so badly beaten (bruised all over and still scared now). He ran away and the police found him and brought him back. They never checked him for bruising and that is why the authorities didn't get involved. This occured about 5 years ago.

Where is Wally Hanks now? I invite other victims of this sex offender to come forth and then he can be stopped. He could be molesting children right now and ruining thier lives...

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