Friday, 25 October 2013

Where Is Claire Popham?

Now, whatever happened to her? Inquiring people want to know. It appears she is NON EXISTENT! Yet, I know for a fact she existed, I knew her, she was a Commodores Messenger in 1967/1968. The Pophams left for awhile, but they obviously came back, so I will let you stew on this for awhile, you think you have backed me into a corner and I will not expose all...bbbbaby, you ain't seen nothing's something...something I will NEVER ain't seen nothing think the BBC, Channel Four and The Daily Mail are playing NICE, nobody plays NICE, when they have been screwed, especially when it concerns the + of Scientology.

You might think you are sitting pretty right now, you ain't and you NEVER will be till you start talking...

I think it is interesting that Scientology has had to hand over Laura's PC files, I don't think it will be long that anyone's files can be handed over in a court case...I know a lot of children that are seriously pissed off and want compensation...can you imagine if your files are in a court case to prove a point...I will willingly hand mine over, will you?

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