Thursday, 3 October 2013

In Memorium

I heard on Friday that on Saturday 21/9/2013 my Father, Michael Stainforth has died, aged 75. I have waited till now to announce this as I wanted to make sure certain people were informed, including that of my sister who is in the cult of scientology.He left behind seven children.

Dad and me in happier times...

 Dad and Marysue Hubbard at St. Hill in the 60s, top,left, Div 7.

Dad at St. Hill in the 60s...

Dad and I when we met again after almost 40 in peace


  1. I think I knew and liked Mike when I was at The Hill. Elva told me she liked him too once. She was very proud of her heritage. I blame myself for her joining the SO after I had left it.

  2. Christopher,

    Don't blame yourself for Elva joining the Sea Org, it's what all children of highly dedicated scientologists do, it was inevitable because of how she was brought up. Elva barely knew Mike, he was declared an SP when she was tiny. In fact none of us hardly knew him, I probably did more than the other kids, because I am the eldest, he was in my life for longer than his other six children.

    Once upon a time, he was a good man, before scientology destroyed him and everything else in it's wake.

    I got your e-mail... I will reply tomorrow, it's late and I am tired.

    Thank you for your comment.