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 I came across this today posted by Tory, and I have always  been a big fan of Tory, yet look at number three, and wonder why people don't want to post on OCMB anymore...they don't want to post on there because it is monopolized by scientologists...they think they are out...they are so IN...


In a nutshell, I later found out their top 3 goals, which no doubt are still being run on the Net.
1) DISTRACT off of ANY "HOT" topic..especially if it's re Hubbard, DM or the "church" sekret activities.
2) DEGRADE any and all activists they do NOT want listened to, which most certainly includes "Divide and Conquer". (Get the critics fighting amongst each other was a KEY goal.... Yaude had created 10 different identities. He told me: "I have been on the Net since the DAY ARS began".(the 1st Newsgroup where Scientologists were posting things they did not want known). Yaude would play these identities one against the other until FINALLY a "real critic" would bite. Once that happened, he'd leap up: BINGO! I asked, "Bingo what?" He: "Once a real critic bites...we're set. They'll be fighting amongst each other for days, if not weeks: Let's go EAT" <<< True story.
3) "SLIME THE AREA SO NO ONE WANTS TO EVEN PUT THEIR NAME THERE". (If you don't think this is possible, go check out ARS: a wasteland. OCMB--used to be "hot" only a few post there).


CHURCH ADMITS everything. ... t-lawsuit/

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