Saturday, 19 October 2013

Saint Hill - Ron's home...Mixed bag...

Saint Hill Promo Video 2013

Thank you Black Rob for these illuminating videos of the Sea Org at Saint Hill. 2/11 in the first video we have a 'clear', I met this lady a few years ago in London at a protest, she's not clear at all, because apparently she was a reporter making a video about the abuses in scientology, the video never saw the light of day, something to do with asbestos on the ships. I was asked "were you aware there was asbestos on the Apollo?" I replied "No, I was not."Which I wasn't, I was a kid, what the hell would I know about such things, really! He, the guy she was with kept repeating it, told me I was a 'natural' in front of the camera, which I disagreed with, because I'm not. But, they are 'Clear'. But they are 'Clear ' of any wrong doing what so ever, because they did it in the name of religious freedom...what is religious freedom... free to do anything you want and get away with it in the eyes of the law, because you cannot prosecute religion...well it's about time, you can. 

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