Friday, 4 October 2013

Message to Scientology...this is from one of the original Messengers

You can put your message out from here to Timbuktu, from Venus to Mars, from Target 2 to teegiack, there were at least 250 people aboard the Royal Scotsman/Apollo in 1968, even halving that, it leaves approx 125 people, so where are they? I don't see 125 people talking about 1968 on the Apollo, do YOU? I don't even see a quarter of the people that were there in 1968 talking about it, sure people have spoken out, but all of a sudden they have clammed up, and why is this, huh, all of a sudden they realise they are liable "liable" is a combination of LIAR and ABLE, well LRH sure taught you all how to do that didn't he?

Everything is GREAT! GREAT! GREAT! while you have the monopoly! But, when you don't, your fucked!

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