Saturday, 19 October 2013

Are we having trouble deciding between a Mafia type organization and a 'religion'?

Today, I was expecting to find some news about Mr. Hodkin's daughter, Louisa Hodkin, she wants to make Victoria Street ,London a sacriminonial place of marriage for Scientologists, could it be she thinks her Dad is a prominent Solicitor in London ( as quoted by Tony Ortega), or could it be he's just a front group in Failbridge, Nr. East Grinstead, very near Saint Hill?

Criminon and Narconon, I believe...hows Derek holding up or holding out?

Hows my sister holding up or holding out? I sent her an entheta letter, her Father is dead, it was important to me, it actually came from someone that cared. I hope you are not punishing her for getting entheta from an SP, Mr. Hodkin?

I will ask you once again Mr. Hodkin ( prominent Solicitor)...where is my cease and desist letter like you sent to ALL of my anonymous friends ?

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