Wednesday, 8 February 2012

What is Scientology?

Well, that depends on how close to L. Ron Hubbard you were.It depends on whether or not you thrive on oppression. If you do, then Scientology is for you, but if you don't your an SP.

I am an SP, that is Suppressive Person for anyone that does not understand that statement.According to L. Ron Hubbard that is 1.1 on the tone scale and here I am on that tone scale:

Covert Hostility:

What is most remarkable is when I was on the ship I was numb, that according to Hubbard is .94, it really is amazing because since then I have become uptone, I'm now 1.1 - Covert hostility. It took me me almost 40 years to get that far up the tone scale. Can you believe that? Now, that's a SUCCESS STORY!

Scientology really works, no wonder you need a billion year contract, to finally hit Serenity of Beingness is gonna take some doing! I guess I will need to go to Target Two to finally make it.

I'll have you know I am not just Suppressive, I am a degraded being also, because I fraternize with other SPs. OOPs! And, not just any old SP but journalists. Do you know what LRH thought about Journalists? They were labeled " Merchants of Chaos" and here you will see why:

Tony Ortega tonight really knocked my socks off,he does some great journalism about Scientology, but tonight was the best!

Look at both sides;

And then when you think, this surely can't be true, look here: but of course there is one place i never go to except on odd occasions and that is Marty Rathbuns blog and why is that you might wonder? Because he would determine me 1.1, Suppressive Person and he would be right in his Hubbardian world.But , I live in a wog world, not a Hubbardian world and that is where real people live.

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