Saturday, 18 February 2012

Nancy Many Exposes the Dark,Secret underbelly of Scientology.

Interesting radio talk with Nancy Many, the writer of 'My Billion Year Contract'. Nancy Many talks about her own time in Scientology and Debbie Cook which ultimately drove them both to having a breakdown or in Scientology language a "psychotic break". This is the same kind of tactics used that lead to the death of Lisa McPherson and has lead to the deaths and mental breakdowns of many scientologists.

Interesting comments and reactions from the interviewer who finds most of this "unbelievable", yeah, that's exactly why Scientology have gotten away with this for so long.

A couple of quotes from L. Ron Hubbard:

"Death, in insanity, abberation or merely a slavish obedience can be efficiently effected by the use of Black Dianetics. Further, adequate laws do not exist at this time to bar the use of these techniques.

The law provides that only the individual so wronged can make a complaint or swear out a warrant for offenders using these techniques.

A person on whom Black Dianetics has been employed seldom retains the sanity or will to make a complaint, or does not know he has been victimized. In addition persona claiming such offences against their persons are commonly catalogued by Doctors as suffering from delusion. Thus the employer of Black Dianetics can escape unpunished under existing legal procedures".
LRH, circa Sept 52. From 1976 edition of Tech Volume I, page 280.

"Somebody some day will say this is illegal! Be sure by then the orgs(Scientology) say what is legal or not"- LRH HCO PL 2/11.

"There is nothing as wild as in the books of man as will probably happen here on earth. And it will happen simply because all of this is so incredible that nobody will even think of stopping it until it is far, far too late." - LRH

Many Thanks to Sponge on OCMB for posting all this stuff.

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