Friday, 17 February 2012

Scientology's Disgrace: An Open Letter to Tom Cruise.

Scientology's Disgrace: An Open letter to Tom Cruise:

My favorite comment comes from Ghost of Charlie:

Toms a Dedicated Scientologist
Lets wait and see if Suri Cruise signs a billion year contract by the time she reaches the tender age of 8 yrs old..

 when its children of others who are forced and coerced in servitude at that tender age... it must be ok..

when its your child that comes to you and tells you about the horrors of the RPF...will you disconnect from your own flesh and blood....

of course The Cruises are Scientology Royalty and are absolutely shielded form any thing... that would be the slightest bit discomforting....still it just an excuse to keep the blinders on

We Know what happens when Tom Dines at Celebrity Center or Gold Base and his shrimp Is under cooked/...and the punishment is handed out...innocent people paid heavily for that bad your expense.

its all fine and dandy when ... the punishment goes unseen by your eyes Tommy

its about time you pull your head out from your backside...and come up for air...

and look at where the money you donate...and how and where goes and how its used to exploit and subjugate your fellow parishioners...

and how its used to keep you and your fellow Scientology Celebrity friends clueless.

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