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Hubbards Communication Office 3

HCO Policy Letter 12 June 1965.
Forming the Foundation.
Why Ethics?

You can't run pcs without Ethics to hand. Technical fact. Particularly on lower level processes and also on Power Processes, the Potential Trouble Source (connected to a Suppressive) will go to pieces under auditing - not improve.

Current statistic on this is 20% PTS or mild SP and of this 2and a half% is very vicious SP.

Your D of T can't train a class that has a PTS or SP in it. Your D of P can't audit people if he can't handle this PTS and SP factor efficiently.

Your Dir of Review will go round the bend if he can't shunt PTSs or SPs to Ethics. He'll have to become the Ethics Officer.


HCO Policy Letter 20 February 1965.

Appointments and Programmes.

I will continue as Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Hubbard Association of Scientologists International the company which operates all Scientology Organizations over the world and St. Hill.

MarySue will continue as a Director on the Board and Secretary.

Marilyn Routsong will continue as a director on the Board and Treasurer of the Company, and is appointed Acting Director of HASI and all it's organizations including St. Hill.

Herbie Parkhouse is appointed Acting Organization Secretary, St. Hill.

MarySue is appointed Staff Training Officer.

MarySue is appointed my personal assistant for the assembly of technical data and new courses under the title of Director of Technology.

Reg Sharpe is appointed a personal asst as Director of Compilation including all educational aids, dictionaries and encyclopedias and films.

Anton James is appointed acting Head of the St. Hill Book Department as acting Supervisor of Publications.


All our actions are influenced to a remarkable degree by the state of World Affairs.

A cautious estimate of the governmental situation as of this date is that unless something intervenes, World War III is less than five years away, but it may occur within three years.Thus we are not operating with all the time margin we could hope for. We have been lucky so far. We have held things together long enough to achieve our technology while there was still peace.

I hardly need remind anyone that we are the only organization that knows where it's going and have a chance to do something. Even our enemies give us that. Others have neither answers nor hope. And all our really rough spots are behind us.

We were rather pinned down so long as our technology was incomplete, but now this and the time consumed in technical changes has ended.

We have the most formidable array of answers ever assembled. Our technology is now not only developed but is tested and sound. We have not only the new but also the old. And it will also serve.

Scientology is the only game where everybody wins.

And we are winning.


Hasi Policy Letter 30 August 1957
I have sent L. Ron Hubbard, Jr (Nibs) to London to:
Improve technical performance in teaching and training and staff in general.

Give the October Congress.

In October Nibs will return to the US. In December Fudge will return to Washington. I want to hear from them how well they were treated by those in London and to hear them report that the British Auditor is again the best in the world.

Sometime this fall I will see for myself how good we can get.
For yourstable data, look at these:

Nibs - Technical
Fudge - Administration
Got it?
My Best,


HCO Policy Letter 23 May 1968

WW and St. Hill
Recombined ( deadline 15 June 1968)

The AO exists to make OTs and support the Sea Org so that the planet can be brought under control and a safe environment provided in which the planet's 4th Dynamic can be cleared. The Sea Org discipline keeps the lines channeled so that the outer orgs, SH and WW can do their jobs.


HCO Policy Letter 12 February 1970
Issue II  Urgent and Important to WW
Reviewing actions of the past year and a half.

Musical Chairs
One avoids musical chairs in an org. But one doesn't permit destructive or non-compliant persons in key posts.
Staff members who stick with it through thick and thin count for much and this factor is a large one. They should not be mauled around.
Training in upper orgs for staff members in lower orgs should be okayed by EC WW first and an undated note for the expense to the lower org should be made out and signed. Accurate Freeloader lists should be made and kept and the offender considered dead so far as the org are concerned as experience shows they are often wildly out Ethics otherwise.

HCO Policy Letter 15 February 1962


Edgar Watson is herewith appointed HCO Technical Material Secretary WW.

This post includes Book Administration WW as well as the testing and supply of E-Meters, and the administration of all matters pertaining thereto.

( My note: Have added this appointment as this is the man that got my Father into Scientology)
HCO Policy Letter of 28 April 1968
( Amends HCO Pol Ltr of 4 Oct 1967 Issue II)

The Org Exec Sec of any org which does not have a full time Public Executive Secretary who has that post only and whose Public Divisions are not fully operating in all departments with all Dist Programmes is automatically in NON-EXISTENCE and has no rights as his omission amounts to a restriction of his org and nullification of the efforts of his staff and a betrayal of humanity.

Failure to have Public Divisions effectively operating in all departments is a withhold of processing and salvation from the human race.
L. Ron Hubbard.
Hardly surprising that the FBI wrote a comment on one of L. Ron Hubbard's letters "appears mental".

The extreme and repetitive nature of Hubbard's denunciations of his colleagues soon convinced the FBI that Hubbard was essentially a crank. The agent who interviewed him in March 1951 described Hubbard in a subsequent report as "a mental case", and next to another Hubbard letter written to the Bureau on 11 July 1955 is the annotation "appears mental". From that point on, the FBI did not bother replying to his letters "because of their rambling, meaningless nature and lack of any pertinence to Bureau interests." 8 This did not deter Hubbard from continuing to write to the Bureau. Only when he became convinced that the US Government was in fact his enemy did he desist. 

Just a few excerpts from L. Ron Hubbard's vast collection of Policy Letters used to run this organization known as the "church" of Scientology.

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