Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Advance 1968

My first thoughts on seeing this were to say the least extremely perplexing, more so out of a knowledge that the events of 1968 were very different to those advertised here. It is difficult to see Quentin portrayed as a Success Story, and one of the reasons I loathe those that print such rubbish. Quentin was one of my childhood friends,he also happened to be L. Ron Hubbard's son. If "success" is determined by committing suicide then there is no hope for any of us, Quentin committed suicide, not in 1968, but in 1976, just a year after getting back on dry land.

The "success" of John McMasters, one of Hubbard's most loyal devotees was yet another niggling reminder that all was not well on the most "ethical" place on earth, the "good" ship, the Apollo.John was overboarded on many occasions, the one I remember vividly was the time he appeared with his arm in a sling after suffering yet another humiliating water bashing and was very visibly upset.

Hubbard's article on "Heaven and Hell"disabuses us of "Heaven being up there and Hell being down there", a more accurate statement would be " I'll offer you heaven, but give you hell".

More about William S Burroughs here:
and here:
even more on William S Burroughs:

Above picture from Auditor #35
What is very striking about all three of these people is in the knowledge they were all homosexual.What is also quite alarming is Hubbard's contempt for homosexuals.1.1 on the tone scale.Covert Hostility!

It appears Michael Graham is also 1.1 or below as he is listed on Scientology's old enemies list:

Diana Hubbard was at most 17 years, but I think 16 years old upon completion of OTIII, what havoc wreaked upon children.The Hubbard children little more than babies when in this picture here

To condition myself to accept their fate or should I say understand their fate,I used this as a screen saver for a while, I did the same with my own from this era, but it doesn't matter how many times you look at something so grotesque, so horrible, it will always be unacceptable. At least now I can look at these pictures without the shock, terror and bile that rose into the very core of me.But it doesn't make it any better.It's not like one of LRHs "engrams" that can be stripped away, and replaced with a clear mind.

I take back what I just said, above,the drawing by my childhood friend Suzette is most disturbing and it is alien to most people.

Which brings me to the "doll bodies" and the fact that we weren't supposed to react to anything on the ship.You better shape up boy, cos you ain't shipping out! Showers were mainly cold, it never occurred to me that this might have been deliberate, it was just the way it was.Everything was regimented and fine tuned, except for the many mishaps because people did not know what they were doing.But "Ethics" usually sorted that out.

"Human emotion and reactions is the way humans were. And he didn't specially regard humans very highly. He liked the idea of the 'doll bodies' that were in other civilisations. Doll bodies didn't have human emotions and reactions . They were, I guess, like Spock, you know. Just very analytical, you just get the job done. No emotion there. Love is not a sentiment that's known or cared for, and to me that's the tragedy because he put that, I feel, into the organisation, into the way of being in the organisation."


Anyway, enough tears for one day! 

To be continued...

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