Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Doomed from the start, but what a joy!

Today, I went to Brighton, if I thought the journey there was bad, the journey back was ten times worse.

To start with the bus never arrived, a rarity, a real rarity but today of all days it did not appear. I ended up sharing a taxi with someone and it got me to the station on time.

The Brighton ORG seems to have disappeared, but NO there it is still lurking in the background. The bag and leather shop has since ceased trading and where the original entrance to Scientology once was there is now a little fast food cubicle. the main entrance has gone. But round the side door is a small, and when I say small I mean tiny little name plate that says Scientology. And we wondered does this mean they only occupy the 2nd floor, when I went back later and saw it from a distance I realized they occupy the third floor as well.Two very insignificant posters insignificantly promoted Diantetics on the third floor.What happened to the WALL OF FIRE,volcanoes erupting!

Erupting, you have no idea!

So I am sitting there talking to an very significant ex and all hell breaks loose. It could only happen to us. I have been there so many times over the years and this is the first time this has ever happened to me.We are chatting away, and i get up to get a Latte and americano and there's this guy with a HAT on that is taking a big interest in me.He's watching me like a hawk. Paranoid, what?

I sit down, we carry on talking and the alarms go off. Nobody takes any notice. We have sat through, horrendous noise of people talking, furniture being moved around and I mean really being moved around, the noise is horrendous. But we carry on, and then there are the alarms, and they go on and on and on and then a new noise emerges and we decide it's time to leave. And where do we sit and talk, outside the "church" of scientology. Now there are two large white vans parked there.

The man who came out and started stripping off, with one of the vans car doors open had the logo "front line" on his jacket. Frontline, I thought that was flea protection against cats and dogs. I googled it and this is what I came up with:

Interview with Peter Breggin:

You've been accused of having something to do with Scientology. Is that true?
... I have nothing to do with Scientology. For approximately 25 years, I have conducted reform work with nothing to do with Scientology. There is no issue whatsoever about me and Scientology. I'm the editor-in-chief of a journal with 40 professional members on it. I'm director of a center with 200 professional people on the advisory council and 1,000 general members. I have taught at Harvard and Johns Hopkins and George Mason. I have nothing to do with Scientology. It's a drug company PR campaign. ... I have the letters. If I had known you were going to go to this level of journalism, I would have brought the letters along where Eli Lilly tries to link people like me to Scientology.

And didn't they attack and make accusations about your wife?
My wife was a Scientologist, and is now so strongly anti-Scientology, that if I even took a phone call from a Scientologist, she'd be on my back. ... I don't want to take on the Scientologists. I've got enough trouble taking on psychiatry. ...

But when people see you alongside Scientologists at a hearing before a state legislature in Arkansas ...
I recommend personally that Scientologists not be brought to these hearings, but I have no control over that. I'm just an expert witness. I have no control over it. ... The average parent doesn't see that it's Scientologists who are against taking these drugs. It is strictly the drug companies and the media who bring up the Scientology issue. ...

As I have always said and keep on repeating "You could not make this shit up if you tried"

Unbelievable, but true!

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