Tuesday, 13 January 2015

You can not stop a message, only the messenger...

I never knew these people existed till a week ago when they were annihilated for free speech, gunned down for criticizing some stupid bloody religious belief...this is the 21st century isn't it?

Two die...four will pop up, four die, eight will pop up, eight die, sixteen will pop up...1,000 die, 2,000 pop up...you can only ever kill the messenger...not the message...

http://youtu.be/BHE-CVE1zJA qu'il repose en paix

Charlie Hebdo: first cover since terror attack depicts prophet ...

BBC News - Charlie Hebdo attack: Print run for new issue expanded

It's tragic that so many of my fellow British Muslims are ... - Daily Mail

Mass immigration has led to Muslim 'ghettos' in Britain, says Farage





All pictures are credited to the Times newspaper.







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